Not sure you’re quite ready to start working towards your dreams? I’ve got some advice for you – quit making the excuses you keep telling yourself and just make a start!

Whatever the first step might be, just take it. If you can’t figure out what the first step is, sit down, close your eyes, meditate and ask for the way to be shown. The way will always be shown to you, so make sure when you receive the inspired action to take, that you do indeed take it.

So many women never accomplish their dreams because they make up a variety of excuses that they tell themselves, such as:

  • There’s too much competition
  • I’m not qualified enough to do what I want to do
  • People will laugh at me
  • I could never possibly achieve what I’ve always wanted to achieve, so why bother even trying?

The list of excuses goes on and on and on.

Fed up of making excuses? Here are some tips to help you to kick procrastination to the curb once and for all so you can finally head in the direction you’ve always dreamed of:

How to kick procrastination to the curb

Stop focusing on perfection

If you’re waiting to launch your business until your website is perfect, your social media accounts look perfect and you’re feeling completely in control of every tiny little detail – there is no such thing as perfection. So, forget waiting until everything is ‘perfect’ and just get moving ahead with your plans.

Quit the comparisons and focus on YOU

There’s a fine line between carrying out effective market research and constantly comparing your business idea with what everyone else is doing. So, quit the comparison game. It only leads to seeds of doubt being planted in your head and again causes all of those damn excuses to rear their ugly and extremely unhelpful heads! Instead focus on what YOU have to offer and how you’re going to provide incredible service/products to your dream clients, then make it happen.

Get some help

If you feel unsure about an aspect of your business or career, get someone to help you. If you find that you’re constantly getting stuck at a task, which is putting a brake on things, enlist the help of an expert who can take this work over for you or help you with it. This way you can keep moving forwards. Enlist the services of an accountant, a virtual assistant, a social media manager and a mentor so that you stop hitting a wall with your work and keep propelling yourself and your business in the right direction.

Get an accountability partner/group

A really effective way to make sure you don’t get stuck procrastinating is to find yourself an accountability partner or a mastermind group. You can help each other to stay motivated and to keep doing whatever needs to be done to meet your goals. As well as helping to ensure you stay on track, a great accountability partner or group will also be highly effective at giving you a boost just when you need it.

Thinking about finally starting to work towards your dreams? Make that first step TODAY and get started! Your future self will certainly thank you for it.

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