Desenio are proud to present their latest Studio Collection: Bella Vita. This photo collection invites us into a world of beauty, merging dramatic luxury with soft romance. Set in a magnificent palace, the baroque architecture provides a backdrop overflowing with opulence and drama.

“When honing the concept behind Bella Vita, we wanted to capture the curiosity and growing appreciation for historical places and architecture, through photography that conveys modern luxury and emotion – and all in a romantic colour palette”, says Executive Creative Director Annica Wallin.

The collection was shot in early autumn in an empty baroque palace just outside of Stockholm. The baroque style – originating in late 16th-century Italy – is rich in contrast and curves, creating rooms characterised by drama and movement. The ornamental and theatrical style of baroque architecture made the palace a perfect location to tell this story of history and romance.

“For this production we’ve worked closely with a well-known Swedish stylist to really create the right feeling and look in each frame. It was a truly magical couple of days”, says Annica.

This collection of 26 photo art prints are centred around a rich colour palette featuring deep purple, anthracite grey and gold.

“We wanted to tell a story of breathtaking rooms and modern luxury in a rich colour palette perfect for autumn and winter. A costume drama set in the present day”, says Annica.

Studio Bella Vita is available to purchase now from Desenio

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