Here, Suzy McMahon, Sofology Buying Director, shares her top tips on decorating with pastels, achieving a coastal inspired scheme and the benefits of adding a rug to a room.

Tips for decorating with pastels

“Fabric upholstery suits pastels particularly well, with their tactile textures adding to the calming and comforting feel.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours; when thoughtfully considered, pastels can create a full palette for a room. Consider pairing different tones of the same shade – for example, a pastel and sorbet pink.

If you’re not looking to embrace a full pastel decor, start with an accent chair or a few key accessories like soft furnishings and lighting – they’re an affordable way to explore the trend without committing.” 

Sofology Perle chair in Blush Rose, from £649

How to achieve a coastal inspired scheme

“The coastal style is a timeless interior look that can add a soothing yet invigorating breath of fresh air into the home.

Take inspiration from the seaside by mixing a palette of soft, muted shades of ivory, sand and ocean blues. Adding a few splashes of dark navy will add a depth and create focal points to draw the eye. Pairing light woods and relaxed fabrics and textures will make the space feel inviting and tactile.

Try not to go too overboard with novelty pieces, as an understated nautical look will remain on trend for years to come.” 

Sofology Odessy 1 Seater, Corner, 3 Seater, from £1999

The benefits of adding a rug to a room

“The addition of a sumptuous rug is a simple yet effective way to update a room. Not only do they add comfort and warmth underfoot, they bring a luxurious layer to the scheme. Additionally a carefully selected rug can add character to a space whilst emphasising an accent colour or chair. Neutral shades can open smaller spaces whilst darker shades and patterns can make a statement that transforms a room.

Consider the placement of your rug carefully; being so versatile rugs can be moved to another area or indeed room should you change your mind.”

Sofology Lydia Furniture from £279, Haywood End Table £249, Aroma Rug £259, Lulu Lamps from £249, Gabrielle 4 Seat £1199, Gabrielle Loveseat £699

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