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Painting Tips and Tricks to Make Decorating Much Easier

Painting tips and tricks to make decorating much easier

Make painting your home a little easier with these painting tips and tricks.

Tip 1: Try before you buy

Always purchase some samples of different colours before buying a full-size tin of paint. It’s really useful to be able to compare paint colours, particularly because they usually look slightly different when they’re painted on the wall, in comparison to how they look on the image on the tin.

It’s much better to buy a small sample and decide you don’t like it than to buy a much more expensive full tin of paint, only to find you don’t actually like the colour.

Tip 2: Preparing to paint

Before you paint anywhere, go all around the walls, sanding down any little bumps with sandpaper or scraping them off with a scraper and then fill any holes in. It takes a little time to do, especially when painting a large area, but it makes such a big difference to any painted wall.

Tip 3: Never clean plastic trays again

Nearly as annoying and time-consuming as cleaning paintbrushes is cleaning out the plastic tray that you pour paint into. With this tip, you don’t need to clean those plastic trays out ever again.

Painting roller tray with foil

Put a sheet of aluminium foil into the tray, pushing it into the corners and around the edges. When you’ve finished painting, you can just remove the foil and throw it away, leaving a nice clean plastic tray that doesn’t need any cleaning.

Tip 4: Clean your brushes less

Having to clean brushes after every use is time-consuming. Instead of cleaning them every time you use them, wrap them in a plastic bag so they don’t dry out. They’re then fine to use the next day.

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