Enjoy the clean, modern look of a white wall in the garden? Here’s how to easily create the look yourself, with a little inspiration for why you might like to paint a garden brick wall white, or a light colour.

We painted a brick wall in our own back garden to brighten up the space.

We chose to use Colours Masonry Paint in pure brilliant white from B&Q, which is designed for exterior walls. Alternatively, Dulux Weather Shield Smooth Masonry Paint* has got very good reviews online.

B&Q Colours Masonry Paint white

Give the brick wall a thorough clean. Choosing a warm summers day means the paint will dry quickly.

Painting a brick wall white

The paint requires 4-6 hours of drying time before it can have a second coat, so ensure you factor this into your day.

Inspiration for white brick walls in your garden

Image source: Trellis & Trugs
Image source: Arts & Crafts Homes

Painting a brick wall white, or a light colour, is an easy way to bring a more modern vibe to your back garden.

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