New at Sweetpea & Willow: introducing luxury furniture and home decor from Laskasas.

Laskasas is a luxurious interior design brand that produces and sells unique, elegant and memorable handmade furniture and home decor, including exquisite upholstered sofas, beds and more, lovingly-crafted furniture and stunning lighting.

Captivated by its beautiful craftsmanship and exquisite designs, the founders of Sweetpea & Willow fell in love with this brand in Paris a few years ago, and are “thrilled to now introduce customers to Laskasas as the latest addition to the list of wonderful handpicked brands partnering with Sweetpea & Willow”. 

For over 15 years, Laskasas has been creating beautiful handmade pieces in Portugal using high-quality materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and excellent machinery and techniques. They offer an extensive range of fabrics, including gorgeous velvets, leathers and linens that are easy to clean, breathable and durable. Laskasas also offer a selection of stunning furniture finishes, such as various luxury woods, marbles and metals.

As each and every piece is tailor-made to order, customers can order any piece from the collection to their desired specifications and have their bespoke item made within 8 weeks.

“The brand is dedicated to bringing dream homes and spaces to life and offering the highest quality and service, and we are so thrilled to be working with them.”

Available for purchase at Sweetpea & Willow from Tuesday 18th August

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