You may think you’re extremely organised and good at decluttering, but are there possessions you’re clinging onto that you just can’t let go of, but you don’t know why? That old dress you don’t really like but can’t seem to get rid of and the gift from a friend you’ve never liked but felt guilty to throw away? These two little words might just help; not just that, you might find they can change your life.

These two little words can significantly decrease the amount of possessions you hold onto, but they can introduce you to more than just more free space in your home and less possessions. They can introduce you to a whole new way of living. A new way of seeing everything around you.

What are these life-changing words?

Spark joy.

Marie Kondo introduce the magic of these two words to the world with her KonMari decluttering method in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying*. Little did we know that beginning to declutter our homes would have quite such an impact on the rest of our lives too.

You see, only keeping hold of things that ‘spark joy’ is applicable to everything in your life, not just the physical objects around you. Once you begin to see how incredible it is to only have things that bring you joy in your home, you will want to continue this new-found lesson throughout your lifestyle. It will literally change your life.

Perhaps it’ll inspire you to clear out your emails, unsubscribing from anything that you don’t want to be subscribed to anymore. Instead of receiving countless emails every day to sort through, why not give yourself an easier life and drastically reduce the number you have to look at every day?

Maybe you’ll use these words to help you clear out your computer and phone, deleting and organising your documents, photos and bookmarked sites.

Clutter is not just physical stuff. Eleanor Brown quote

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the ‘spark joy’ way of life is applying this way of thinking to the people you allow into your life. Choose from now on to only surround yourself with people that ‘spark joy’ and see what an impact it makes on your mindset and happiness.

When you only keep things in your life that spark joy

Clearing your home of anything you don’t truly love propels you to minimise and simplify; constantly moving you towards a home and life filled solely with things you adore. Two very small but extremely powerful words.

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