Live in a small home? There are several methods you can employ in order to create more feelings of space.

7 tips to make a small house feel bigger

Tip 1: Declutter (KonMari style)

Decluttering is going to make a huge difference to how spacious a house feels. Completing a Marie Kondo declutter will leave you with much more space.

Marie Kondo quote

Tip 2: Put appliances away

Struggle for worktop space? Put small appliances such as toasters and juicers into cupboards to create more space – hiding things away also makes the surfaces much easier to clean too.

Tip 3: Use neutral colours

Dark colours can make a home feel small and gloomy, particularly if the room doesn’t get much natural light. Off-white paint looks so clean and modern and keeps rooms light and bright, even if you have a darker accent wall.

Tip 4: Use mirrors

Mirrors can help to make rooms appear to be bigger than they actually are. Using mirrors is another way to help to brighten up a dark space, as they help to reflect the light.

Tip 5: Change the layout to make the space work better

This is often really easy to do, depending on the room. However, it can sometimes be a more expensive option, such as in the bathroom when you have to pay for plumbing to be moved around. Nevertheless, it can still be really worth doing in order to make a big difference to the feeling of space in a room and to make the room work better for you.

Tip 6: Use clever storage

When there is a real lack of space in a room, finding ways to store belongings can be tricky. Often, using tall storage units are a good idea because they can provide lots of storage space without taking up much floor space, which is often lacking in a small house.

Tip 7: Choose the right furniture

Choosing furniture that is raised up on legs can help to create an illusion of more space.

Mirrored furniture is also a good option, as it reflects light and can help to make a room feel bigger.

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