In order to get what you want, you must surrender to the Universe and have faith that it’s already yours.

When we’re clinging onto things, we’re sending a message to the Universe that we’re fearful, worried, doubting that we can have what we desire. We need to shift from a fear-based energy and create a mindset of faith and certainty. This is the key to manifesting what it is that you want.

How do you surrender to the Universe and develop that faith? It takes time to be able to develop unwavering faith that what you want is already yours. Keep practising and in time, it’ll get easier and easier.

How to surrender to the Universe

1. Get crystal clear on your desires

Make sure you know EXACTLY what your dream life looks like. Establish what it looks like for YOU, not someone else. Be specific too – the Universe loves specificity! (Get my FREE meditation to help with this HERE).

2. Visualise

See yourself having everything that you want. See yourself living your very own luxury life. Feel how it will feel.

3. Know that it’s already yours

You wouldn’t be given desires that aren’t truly made for you – what would be the point in that? The luxury life that you see yourself living is meant for you, so know that it is already yours. You just have to go out and get it!

4. Ask for the way to be shown

Meditate regularly and ask God/the Universe/Source to show you the way. Journal and see what comes up as you write. When you receive your inspired action, take it. Don’t wait!

5. Keep high vibe

Read books that inspire you, recite affirmations to help you keep the faith, wear clothes that make you feel good, surround yourself with positive people.

Keep yourself in a high vibration, stay aligned with what you desire and enjoy receiving easily all that you know is already yours.

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