When trying to juggle everything, it can be hard to remember what needs doing and all the deadlines you have to meet. Here are 5 tips to help to ease the strain when you don’t know where to find the time to get everything done.

Tip 1: Plan your week

Try to plan out your week, preferably on the Friday beforehand. This way, when Monday morning arrives, you know what you’re tackling each day.

It’s a good idea to plan to get lots done at the start of the week – this way, you won’t be in a mad panic by the end of the week, wondering how on earth you’re going to hit all your deadlines.

Tip 2: Get everything done at the weekend

If you tend to work mainly during the week, it’s a good idea to get lots done at the weekend. Getting all chores done and out of the way allows you to relax on a Sunday evening, knowing that you’ve achieved a lot over the weekend. Being able to start the week without stressing about things you haven’t got done is always a good feeling.

Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction

Tip 3: Schedule

If you work within blogging or any job that requires you to post on social media, scheduling is a huge time-saver. There are different platforms you can use to schedule social media posts and some of them offer free services. There are also various paid scheduling services and packages available for Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets.

Tip 4: Clear out life clutter

Get inspired by Marie Kondo and clear out not just your clothes and komono, but your life clutter too. Go on an email unsubscribing spree to free up your inbox, cancel subscriptions you no longer use and sort through apps you no longer use on your smartphone.

Wave goodbye to anything in your life that doesn't bring you joy

Waving goodbye to anything that doesn’t bring you joy in your life, including toxic friendships and unhappy relationships, and simplifying your life can certainly result in a happier and less stressful life.

Tip 5: Take good care of yourself

If we’re happy and healthy, we’re going to be more productive and achieve so much more. Getting a good night’s sleep is really important for keeping your productivity high, plus drinking lots of water and eating well will help to keep you feeling energetic.

Create some space in your week to find some ‘me’ time to ensure you get the relaxation you deserve and quite frankly, need. Everyone needs some time out at some point, to recharge your batteries and relax your mind.

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