Bamboo narrow space at the side of a house
Photo: Houston Chronicle

Having a narrow space at the side of a house can be tricky to work with and improve. There’s plenty that can be done to make a thin space look brighter, bigger and to transform it from a dull, boring area into a useful space.

Ideas for Transforming the Narrow Space at the Side of a House

1. Use plants that don’t take up much space

Choose plants that aren’t going to overcrowd the small space. Bamboo makes a great choice if you’re looking for a plant that’s tall but thin. Climbers like clematis can provide greenery and flowers without needing a great deal of floor space.

You could create a long narrow border, use long thin planters or place pots in front of the fence/wall.

2. Paint the fence

If there’s a fence separating your narrow space from your neighbours, painting it can really help to brighten up the space and make it seem bigger. 

3. Use different flooring to add interest

Solid concrete or plain paving slabs all the way along a thin space can look a tad boring. Using a combination, for example flagstones and gravel, can help to break up the space and turn a bland passageway into a more attractive walkway.

Creating a walkway that flows, rather than going in one solid, straight line can help to make the space look wider instead of being a long, thin passage.

4. Create somewhere to sit

Just because the space is narrow doesn’t mean you can’t get use out of it.

A small bistro set or a duo of small chairs makes a cute place for relaxing with your coffee in the mornings, or with a book and glass of wine later in the day.

5. Increase your privacy

Using trellis or tall, thin plants can help to make the space feel more private. Introducing a water feature is a great way to distract from the sounds of neighbours close by.

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