With more technology than ever before in our homes, trying to disguise ugly cables so that they’re hidden from view can be tricky. You can tie them together using cable ties and attach them to the wall just above the skirting board, but often this still doesn’t look very attractive. A much better solution for disguising ugly cables can be to use trunking.

Trunking, such as D-Line PVC White Trunking, can be fitted either at the bottom of your skirting board, or at the top. It looks like it’s part of the skirting board.

The trunking has strips on the back that you pull off, which reveals the adhesive that sticks the trunking to the wall. You simply push it onto the wall and it sticks to it, so you don’t have to start using screws or buying your own adhesive to attach it to the wall.

Once the trunking is attached to the wall, you open the lid and push the cables inside. Then you click the lid back into place, and the ugly cables are no longer visible.

D Line white trunking

D Line white trunking to disguise ugly cables

An easy way to disguise ugly cables from view.

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