A sequel to bestselling book, The Secret, Hero by Rhona Byrne is another inspirational read.

The main theme of the book is encouragement to follow your dreams and to realise that there is a hero inside every one of us. We also get a glimpse into the worlds of 12 very successful people, with their words of wisdom and personal experiences shared throughout the book.

There are so many inspirational stories and nuggets of information throughout Hero – here are a few of the main life lessons.

Life lessons to take from Hero by Rhonda Byrne

1. The impossible can become possible

When you find a ‘burning desire’ to achieve your dream, or calling, this will see you through what has previously been seen as impossible problems – the impossible will become possible. You just need to discover your abilities and realise how to use them to overcome obstacles.

The journey of following your dream is like being in a labyrinth – full of twists and turns, changing direction, choosing a new path to take when you’re faced with a dead end. But you will always find the way to get to the place you need to be. We must take things one step at a time, stay committed and determined.

2. Better things are always coming

When you have achieved your dream, you will look back on your journey to get there and realise that every time you hit a dead end that made you try a different route, this meant you achieved not only your dream, but actually a much better version than you ever thought you could achieve.

‘In our world of duality, every disadvantage contains its opposite, an advantage’.

Every negative situation contains something positive. Instead of concentrating on the negative circumstances, always know that there will be golden opportunities hidden within, simply waiting to be found.

Quote from Hero by Rhonda Byrne

3. Always be kind

When you do good deeds and are kind to people, good things will happen to you. Being kind to other people always means that the kindness will be returned back to you. When you do something nice, it makes you feel good.

‘You don’t feel joyous or happy when you speak badly of another person. That awful feeling is telling you that behaviour is far from the hero within you’.

Our behaviour will always either propel us forward towards achieving our dream, or pull us backwards away from what we want to achieve.

4. Why you must follow your dreams

If you choose to ignore the call to follow your dreams, you run the risk of living a life that’s unfulfilled and unhappy. You take the risk of having a life that’s full of regret and dissatisfaction – surely this is more of a risk than taking the risk to follow your dreams?

Quote from Hero by Rhonda Byrne

5. Live a blissful life

Hero offers suggestions for how to figure out what your dream or calling is, with a key piece of advice: follow your bliss.

‘When you follow your bliss you also find your dreams, and fulfill your reason for being here’.

Every day, you should make the time to do something you find blissful. Even if it’s something small, doing something that makes you feel really good every day is only going to have a positive impact on how you feel and will lead you onto doing even more things that feel blissful. If you have a real urge to do something you love, do it. Even though you can’t currently see it, there will be a connection to your dreams, so take the first step and follow your bliss.

6. Don’t listen to negativity

We are reminded not to listen to the ‘naysayers’. Those who are always negative have closed minds and aren’t living their full potential – if they were to live to their full potential, they would realise that anything is possible. This is a great reminder to not let others bring you down.

You should focus on following your own dreams and doing what you want to do. Stop worrying about what other people think and pleasing them.

There are many things to take away from Hero and some pretty powerful sections to boot. A book that’s full of motivation and reminders to follow your dreams and live a life you love.

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