Ever checked the ingredients listed on foods you thought were healthy and been shocked with what you see? Sugar is hidden in so many foods today, particularly of the ‘low fat’ variety, so finding truly healthy snacks can be a challenge.

7 Ready-made Healthy Snacks to Try

Nakd Bars

There are a real variety of Nakd bar flavours to try, including Berry DelightCashew Cookie and Bakewell Tart. In addition to their healthy bars, they also have a range of nibbles, like these Salted Caramel packs.

Aldi Bars

Aldi are selling more and more healthier snacks and they’re great value. They have their own version of Nakd bars, plus Raw Fruit Bars, which contain dried fruit and nothing else.

Aldi healthy snacks

Wild Trail Bars

Similarly to Nakd, Wild Trail make raw fruit and nut bars that are free of refined sugar, such as Fruit and Nut Apple bars, Seed and Nut and Cacao bars.

Yushoi Pea Snacks

Yushoi pea snacks are a great alternative to crisps. The main ingredient is green peas and the lightly salted ones have zero added sugar. As well as coming in small bags, which are handy for carrying around in your handbag, they are also available in bigger sharing bags.

Kallo Rice/Corn Cakes

Kallo make a variety of healthy snacks and foods, such as rice cakes and Lightly Salted Corn Cakes – made from 99% corn and sea salt, they’re another fab alternative to crisps. They’re pretty moreish and you can put toppings on them too, although they’re lovely plain.

Marks and Spencer Giant Corn

Marks and Spencer have a selection of healthy snacks, such as Lightly Salted Giant Corn – the only ingredients are corn, sunflower oil and salt. Another great savoury option.

Bear Yoyos

Bear YoYos

Now these may be marketed for children, but they’re just as good for adults! They’re really handy to carry around in a handbag because they’re so small. and because they’re sweet, they satisfy sweet cravings. Made just of fruit and with no added sugar, they’re a healthy alternative to dessert! Available in Raspberry, strawberry and blackcurrant.

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