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5 Activities To Elevate Your Life During Lockdown 2.0

Fed up of being stuck at home during lockdown 2.0? What better time to start doing things that are going to elevate your life? From starting side hustles, to sussing out hidden blocks, we’ve got you covered: 5 ideas of things you can do today to elevate your life 1. Start a side hustle Always …

Malee body conditioning cream

Luxury Body Care: Malée Body Conditioning Cream

The Brand: Malée Named after the founder’s great grandmother who was affectionately known as ‘Malée’, the name is a term of endearment for a gracious learned woman in the language spoken by a tribe in Nigeria. Africa is a big inspiration for the brand and the circular symbol in the company’s logo references African earth …

My definition of a luxe life

A Definition of a Luxe Life

What really is a ‘luxe life’ is and what does it entail? We believe there’s more to it than merely a wardrobe full of designer clothes. Here are some other ways to define what a luxe life truly looks like. Inspiration Living a luxe life is feeling inspired every day. Waking up motivated at the …

Healthier snacks

Healthy Snacks: 7 Ready-Made Options to Try

Ever checked the ingredients listed on foods you thought were healthy and been shocked with what you see? Sugar is hidden in so many foods today, particularly of the ‘low fat’ variety, so finding truly healthy snacks can be a challenge. 7 Ready-made Healthy Snacks to Try Nakd Bars There are a real variety of …


5 Wedding Tips to Help You Create an Amazing Day

There’s so much pressure to get everything the way you want it so that you have a fabulous wedding day. Use these 5 wedding tips to help you create a truly amazing day. 1. Begin planning well in advance If you find a supplier you really want to hire, speak to them as soon as …

Pouring champagne into a flute

Easy and Affordable Luxe Rituals to Bring a Touch of Bliss

Adding small touches of luxury to your lifestyle helps to create a life that feels joyous and blissful. There are so many easy and super affordable ways to bring luxury into your everyday life. Here are some to inspire… Luxe rituals to bring a touch of bliss to everyday life Bring flowers into your home …