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Painting Tips and Tricks to Make Decorating Much Easier

Make painting your home a little easier with these painting tips and tricks. 1: Try before you buy Always purchase some samples of different colours before buying a full-size tin of paint. It’s really useful to be able to compare paint colours, particularly because they usually look slightly different when they’re painted on the wall, …

D Line white trunking
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How to Cleverly Disguise Ugly Cables From View

With more technology than ever before in our homes, trying to disguise ugly cables so that they’re hidden from view can be tricky. You can tie them together using cable ties and attach them to the wall just above the skirting board, but often this still doesn’t look very attractive. A much better solution for …

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How to Make a Small House Feel Bigger

Live in a small home? There are several methods you can employ in order to create more feelings of space. 7 tips to make a small house feel bigger Tip 1: Declutter (KonMari style) Decluttering is going to make a huge difference to how spacious a house feels. Completing a Marie Kondo declutter will leave …