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5 creative tips to add character to your living room
Interiors & Gardens

5 Creative Tips to Add Character to Your Living Room

Collaborative post with Wise Media. Bored of your living room and looking to upgrade it to something more fitting for your personality? Here are 5 easy and creative ways to add character to your living room. 1. Update the lighting A lot of people underestimate the dramatic change a good lighting fixture can create. Switch …

House with steps leading up to another door
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5 Tips for Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home can be a whole mixture of emotions, including excitement and apprehension. Get prepared with these tips. 5 Tips For Buying Your First Home 1: Be prepared to compromise When you’re getting onto the first step of the property ladder, there’s always going to be things that you will need to compromise …

Printiki photos
Interiors & Gardens

Printiki Photos: Updating the Memories in Your Home

Photos gifted by Printiki. Having photos around the house really helps to transform a house into a home, providing reminders of wonderful memories. With todays smartphones and digital cameras, printing off photos is something many of us rarely do. It’s such a shame to have so many memories just sat on our phones and computer …

Tray with perfumes
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Using Trays as a Styling Accessory

Trays are so useful for grouping items together to create a fabulous display. Several objects that can look messy when on show can look put together and well styled when placed on a tray. In addition, they can also protect expensive or easily damaged furniture from becoming scratched. Kimberley from Swoonworthy uses a gold tray …

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A Quick and Easy Way to Transform Your Wardrobe

Want to maximise space in your wardrobe and create a chic look? This is a quick, inexpensive and super easy way to transform your wardrobe. Create more hanging space and make your wardrobe feel luxurious. Slimline velvet hangers are an easy way to create more space in your wardrobe and create a unified look that …

Perfume on a mirrored tray
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How to Make Your Home Feel Luxe for Less

Your home is where you should be excited to return to every day – a sanctuary, a place to relax and enjoy. It’s important to invest money in making your home as fabulous as it can be. Sometimes though, when you get your first home or you’re saving up for something else, you need to …

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Warm Throws That are Perfect for Cold Nights

Collaboration with Yorkshire Linen. Throws can be so versatile, providing an extra layer of warmth for beds, the perfect item to get cosy under while sitting on the sofa watching a good film, and even as a comfy cover for sofas and chairs. Buying a really good quality throw will add a lovely decorative aspect …

Painting a brick wall white
Interiors & Gardens

Painting a Brick Wall White in the Garden

Enjoy the clean, modern look of a white wall in the garden? Here’s how to easily create the look yourself, with a little inspiration for why you might like to paint a garden brick wall white, or a light colour. We painted a brick wall in our own back garden to brighten up the space. …

Ronseal White Grout Pen
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How to Make Your Tile Grout Look Like New

White grout in bathrooms tends to blacken over time, which certainly isn’t a good look. Mould remover not shifting it? Here’s a method you can use to renew the whiteness of your grout. How to make your tile grout look like new The Ronseal White Grout Pen improves the look of tile grout, no elbow …