Subdued yet stylish, a monochrome palette of neutrals is calming, timeless and easy to achieve. Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at, shares 4 ideas on styling monochrome spaces in the home.

1. Use black and white accents to warm up a grey living room

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A grey living room is chic and perennial, but the cool colour theme runs the risk of being cold or uninviting. A pop of black and white can offer visual contrast and drama, bringing the rest of the room to life. “Introduce the colours by highlighting specific parts of the room, whether with a feature wall, art or even a plant stand,” advises Rebecca. 

Texture is a key factor to consider in any monochrome setting as it livens up the space. Look for contrasting materials like sleek chrome finishes or a grey fabric sofa to provide dimension. 

“Another way to make a grey living room feel more homely is to use lighting that has a warm undertone. Plants are also great for a burst of life and colour in a monochrome space,” she says. 

2. Opt for light neutrals to make a home office feel spacious

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Light neutrals are great for a home office as they open up a room for an airy and spacious feel.

“Using variations of the same colour coupled with metallic finishes can help a small home office look larger and avoid monotony – some examples are white, ivory and beige,” advises Rebecca.

To maintain a fresh and light ambience, choose furniture with less visual weight like a glass table or those with slender silhouettes. Include warmth-inducing materials like plants for a pop of colour and liveliness, or candles for a touch of hygge.

3. Incorporate shades of grey in different finishes for a contemporary dining room

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A grey dining room adds an elegant tone to the home in a subtle yet chic way. “Grey instantly brings a contemporary touch to a space, and can work across multiple decor styles,” says Rebecca. 

Avoid a grey dining room from feeling flat by using multiple shades of grey across different mediums. This includes furniture, decorative accessories and design features like an elegant half wall panelling.

Introduce black and white accents or hints of a warm neutral like terracotta to cosy up a grey dining room and add dimension to the space. Artwork, dining ware or even floral arrangements are small, simple ways to do this.

“Also play with textures, like pairing a smooth marble table with supple leather chairs, and having a large rug for cosiness,” she advises.

4. Layer soft textures to create a cosy bedroom

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A neutral palette with warm undertones is comfortable and cosy, perfect for creating a calm bedroom. Colours to consider include beige, ivory, light grey, terracotta, and mauve.

“It’s all about layering soft textures and tones in the bedroom, from a fabric bed to a chunky wool knit in a soft oatmeal hue,” says Rebecca.

“As for finishing touches, choose natural materials like wood, clay or rattan to add depth to a monochrome bedroom,” she advises.

Let in plenty of natural light that is gently filtered by sheer curtains or artificial ambient lights with a warm hue for an intimate and restful environment in the bedroom. 

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