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Why I love using trays as a styling accessory

Why I love using trays as a styling accessory

Why do I love using trays as a styling accessory for the home? They are so useful for grouping items together to create a fabulous display. Several objects that can look messy when on show can look put together and well styled when placed on a tray. In addition, they can also protect expensive or easily damaged furniture from becoming scratched.

I like to display my favourite perfumes on my mirrored dressing table. Perfume bottles can be so pretty, making them perfect as decorative accessories. It’s also handy having them so easily accessible. Dan decided he liked this idea too, so he has added his favourite aftershaves to my perfumes.

I love the way perfume bottles look on my dressing table but I’ve been worried about scratching the mirrored surface when I place them down, mainly because it was an expensive piece of furniture. Finding a tray to display them on was the perfect solution.

Perfumes on a mirrored tray

Whilst browsing in Homesense, I found this white and silver tray with a mirrored base. As well as liking the design, this tray has got rubber feet, which makes it the perfect choice to protect my dressing table. With a price of around £10, it was great value. At least if I scratch the mirror on the tray, it is much less costly to replace than the dressing table itself.

Kimberley from the fabulous blog Swoonworthy uses a gold tray on her coffee table to display some smaller items and a vase of flowers.

Kimberley from Swoonworthy using trays as a styling accessory

Random items may look a little messy on their own, but Kimberley shows that gathering them onto a tray can make for a well styled look.

Bree at ZDesign at Home also uses a tray on her coffee table, in which to showcase her vases and a beautiful box.

Bree at ZDesign at Home using trays as a styling accessory

The plain white design of the tray combined with the white flowers means the blue and golds of the box and vases really pop.

Bree at ZDesign at Home using trays as a styling accessory

Trays can be a fabulous decorative touch and there are so many different designs at every price point. Here are some of my favourites*:

Let me know if you like to use trays as a styling accessory in your home.


*Affiliate links,  which provide me with a very small commission to support the costs of running this blog. The price of the product is in no way altered by this.

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  • Reply
    18th May 2017 at 03:03

    I love styling trays too! I like to use them to just stay relatively organized haha. Great post!

    – Avalon from simplyavalon.blogspot.com

    • Reply
      22nd May 2017 at 20:19

      They’re great to help with organisation aren’t they! x

  • Reply
    18th May 2017 at 07:16

    I love storing trays, they bring such a personal touch to an area


    • Reply
      22nd May 2017 at 20:21

      I totally agree 🙂 Thanks for commenting lovely x

  • Reply
    18th May 2017 at 15:33

    I so agree I love trays they add that SOMETHING to the interior I love it and have them everywhere bathroom bedroom kitchen !! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, http://www.dominicas.uk xXx

    • Reply
      22nd May 2017 at 20:22

      Yes they’re fabulous for every room in the house aren’t they! Thanks so much for commenting x

  • Reply
    19th May 2017 at 01:34

    Trays are a great way to decorate a space! I have a lot of trouble knowing where to spend my decorating dollars. I’ll definitely have to look into some of the ones you suggested.

    • Reply
      22nd May 2017 at 20:23

      Good luck with finding some – I hope you find some you love. Thanks so much for commenting x

  • Reply
    19th May 2017 at 10:14

    Oh yay! Ive been on the hunt for a simple white tray! Thankyou so much for that! I never thought I would get excited about trays before… haha!
    Kate x

    • Reply
      22nd May 2017 at 20:24

      Haha I get excited for everything in our home 🙂 Hope you find one you love x

  • Reply
    20th May 2017 at 05:24

    I love trays too, they really change up a space!


    • Reply
      22nd May 2017 at 20:26

      They do don’t they 🙂 Thanks so much for commenting x

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