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Transforming our back garden

Transforming our back garden

When we got the keys to our house, similarly to every room inside our home, the back garden needed a lot of work doing to it. It was basically just patio and weeds. A lot of patio and a lot of weeds.

Our first home. Back garden before

It all looked so grey and, well, lifeless. The garage was covered in a dark pebble-dash, which further added to the dullness.

The garden is a good size and so we knew that with a lot of work, it could be pretty great.

Because we had so much work to do inside the house, which took priority, it was a couple of months later until we managed to finally make a start on transforming the back garden.

By this time, the weeds had gone a teeny bit crazy.

Back garden transformation

What a lovely view we had out of the rear of our house at the time!

I’ve never understood why there were 2 big patio areas. It didn’t really make sense and it didn’t look good at all, so one of the first things we did was get rid of one of them. It made much more sense to just have one patio area when you walk out of the back door and make the other area into a lawn.

We had to remove all of those concrete posts from the middle of the garden that framed the patio that we took out, which was not a fun job!

We also started digging up all of the weeds.

Back garden transformation

Dan decided it would be a good idea to create a temporary dumping ground for all of the weeds, concrete, soil and sand we were removing from the garden, which he then framed with some slabs. Boy was I glad when the skip arrived to take away his masterpiece!

When we’d finished clearing all of the weeds, concrete and general rubbish we kept finding, Dan flattened the area and laid down turf.

Back garden with turf

We made a border at the top of the garden and planted some shrubs. We finally had a lawn and plants. At last, our back garden was actually looking like a garden and not just 2 patios surrounded by weeds.

Dog playing in back garden

The dog was just as happy as us with the new garden. Plenty of lawn to run around on with his toy. Perfect!

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