Throws for cold nights

It’s that time of year again. It’s getting really chilly in the evenings and one thing I hate about Autumn and Winter is being cold in bed.

I was so lucky last Christmas to receive a beautiful new throw from my parents.

Grey throw with white snowflakes

A grey throw adorned with white snowflakes, it is the perfect addition to our bed to keep my feet warm through the colder months. It matches my grey and white bedding and adds a nice decorative touch to our bed, as well as being very practical.

Grey throw with white snowflakes

I love throws and they can be so versatile – providing an extra layer of warmth for beds, the perfect item to get cosy under while sitting on the sofa watching a good film, and even as a comfy cover for sofas and chairs. We have white throws on both of our sofas in our living room to protect them from our pets as well as making the room look homely.

I think sometimes it’s nice to spend more money on certain items and buying a really good quality throw that will add a lovely decorative aspect to a bedroom as well as warmth means that I tend to purchase more luxurious throws.

The throw on our bed was from John Lewis, and they always offer a good selection of throws, like this Emma Bridgewater Love Letter Print Throw, made from merino wool.

Emma Bridgewater Love Letter Print Throw




Yorkshire Linen *provide a range for both adults and children with varying price points.  Yorkshire Linen have stunning Kylie Minogue throws with matching bedding from her range. I have been debating changing to plain bedding, and pairing it with one of these throws would certainly make for a glamorous bed.



The Kylie Minogue Eva Oyster Throw – soft oyster satin and silver sequins create a stunning design.

Kylie Lazzaro bedding

Kylie Lazzaro throw

The Kylie Minogue Lazzaro Black Throw adorned with bronze, copper and black sequins would make such a statement in any bedroom.

I may have to use my snowflake throw for cosy evenings on the sofa and invest in a new throw for our bed. Well, a girl can never have too many throws!

*Disclaimer: please note that parts of this post are sponsored. All views are my own.

12 thoughts on “Throws for cold nights

    1. I had too many really until my hubby had a pen leak and go all over a cream throw so I had to get rid of it – I was so relieved it wasn’t one of my favourites!

    1. Thank you! My cats are banned from our bedroom so they don’t ruin our bedding! I caught them both in there the other day though so I wasn’t happy with them lol x

  1. The throw you were gifted by your parents is so lovely, and I really like your other suggestions too! I’m currently redecorating my bedroom and so will keep your suggestions in mind 🙂

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