The importance of following your dreams

We have dreams and aspirations for a reason. They are there to inspire us, to show us what can be possible if we desire them enough to aim for them and work for them.

We all have different ideas of what a fabulous and fulfilled life is and that’s the beauty of this world – we all have something unique to offer. The world is crying out for that something special that only you have.

You owe it, not only to yourself, but to everyone else to design a life you are completely in love with.

Imagine if everybody decided to sit back and ignore their dreams. Our favourite musicians wouldn’t be creating music, there wouldn’t be the incredible variety of shops available to us, our bookshelves would be empty and restaurants simply wouldn’t exist.

The world would be a very boring and dull place. And no-one likes boring and dull. There needs to be an abundance of imagination, creativity and spice. You deserve to shine and the world deserves to have you follow your bliss.

Imagine if Martin Luther King never spoke out about his dream? That incredible speech would never have been spoken and taken it’s rightful place in history. Our dreams can impact everyone around us and you may not even begin to imagine their importance until you act on them. It may not be until you begin to fully realise your dreams that you understand the incredible effects they have on others around you, maybe even people who have never met you before.

You have an unquestionable ability to inspire and motivate through your actions. It may take time for you to get there, a lot of hard work, determination and vision. But you WILL get there.

By choosing a different path, one that brings you alive and ignites your soul, you can prove to everyone that it can be done – that you can chase your dreams with all your heart until you can pin them down and accomplish things you didn’t think were possible. They ARE possible. Just take the first step and know that amazing things are coming your way.

Be the one who dares to shine. You will be so glad you did.




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    15th January 2017 at 19:24

    What a lovely post! 🙂 xo
    editionemmagrace – beauty & lifestyle

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    19th January 2017 at 21:27

    Such an inspirational post, Jenny! Thank you! I feel like you’re my big sister guiding me in the right direction haha! You’re so right about the importance of doing what you love and dreaming big, I love the analogy you’ve used of our favourite musicians! Taylor Swift didn’t gain worldwide fame for sitting on her arse, she was dreaming big and working even harder! THANK YOU for this!

    Abbey 😇

    • Reply
      21st January 2017 at 13:03

      Oh you’re so kind 🙂 Yes that is so true – Taylor Swift definitely hasn’t gotten to where she is now by ignoring her dreams and sitting doing nothing! Love it x

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