A quick and easy way to transform your wardrobe

Living in a small house with limited room for storage means that I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to make the most of the space we have. I’ve always struggled with the amount (or lack of it) of hanging space there is in our wardrobe. When I did my big Marie Kondo declutter, I ended up folding lots more clothes up, but I still had lots of items that need to be hung and my wardrobe still felt cramped and like there wasn’t enough space.

Previously, I’ve always used hangers that are provided when you buy clothes. I didn’t see anything wrong with using hangers that came for free – why would I need to purchase something when I get that item for free all the time and they do the job just fine?

I first looked into getting slimline black velvet hangers some time ago now. I heard that they were really good for saving space in your wardrobe, which really appealed to me.

I searched around trying to find some with good reviews and when I found these hangers with lots of great reviews from Amazon, I decided they were the right choice for me. At less than £20 for a box of 50, they sounded like fantastic value for money (plus, if you are a student, you can get 15% off!).

I was worried that slimline velvet hangers wouldn’t be strong enough to hold my clothes, particularly heavy jackets and maxi dresses. Whilst I wouldn’t risk hanging very heavy jackets and big coats on them, I’ve found that they hold my maxi dresses and all of my jackets perfectly fine – the only thing I’ve used an old hanger for is a heavy leather-style jacket. According to Amazon, the hangers can hold up to 4.5kg, so they should be fine for most items.

They have swivel hooks so that they can be faced whichever way you want them to be, notched shoulders on each end for hanging straps and a trouser bar. Amazon also sell the hangers without a trouser bar, but I preferred to have them so that I can hang my trousers on them too.

I’ve found the velvet means that clothes don’t slip off – they stay perfectly in place.

I took a really quick photo just before I changed the hangers over so I had a before photo – sorry the quality is terrible! But it will give you an idea of the huge improvement the new hangers have made.

And here’s the after photo.

Using my new velvet hangers has transformed my wardrobe. No longer do I have a complete mish mash of hangers; instead I have hangers that on the whole all match and that are the same height, and the black velvet with chrome hooks provides me with a wardrobe that is much more appealing to the eye and rather chic! The velvet makes the inside of my wardrobe look much more luxurious. I also now have more space on my rail – no longer are clothes all squashed tightly together, which makes taking clothes out and putting them back much easier.

A super quick and easy way to breathe some space and luxury into your wardrobe for a tiny price – luxe for less at it’s best!

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  1. How funny, my wardrobe is filled with these very same hangers! I love to have matching hangers, and you’re so right about them creating more space for clothing in the wardrobe 🙂


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