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Our first home – the ‘before’ pictures

Back in 2011, Dan (my hubby) and I purchased our very first home. It was a small house but nevertheless a big and quite daunting, albeit exciting, project. 

The house needed so much work doing to it; I don’t think we quite knew what we were getting ourselves into! It had been left empty for quite some time, which certainly hadn’t helped matters.
 Living room before
This was the sight that greeted us when we first walked into our new home. We were cold, we had no heating and all we could smell in the house was a fairly strong old smoke smell. The joys of buying a house!
 Kitchen makeover
The cupboards in the kitchen were literally falling apart, there was wooden panelling on the other side of the room that made the room look so dark and tiny, and not forgetting the super sticky floor. So basically the perfect cooking environment – or not! 
We knew that everything in the kitchen would have to go and we would have to start from scratch. 
The bathroom, as you can see, needed a total re-fit. We found it a little odd that the shower was in the middle of the bath (you can just see it peeking out from behind the door). We decided straight away that it would be better if the bath was moved so that the shower could be placed on the wall next to the door if possible.

It always makes me laugh spotting the air fresheners dotted around the house that didn’t disguise the smell of smoke or dirt one bit!
  Bedroom before
Our bedroom looked super small and we were a little concerned about how much room we would have in there after we put a double bed inside. The floor needed replacing, as did the radiator and the light, and, well, pretty much everything, just like every other room in the house.
Spare bedroom before makeover
The spare bedroom is pretty small and the colour of the walls didn’t help. There is the blue that you can see here, but there are also orange walls and yellow wallpaper too.  And don’t ask me where that dark piece of wood is from because I haven’t got a clue! It may have been the spare bedroom door, or it may have been something else entirely. Whatever it was, I’m sure it was thrown in a skip quite soon after this picture was taken.
I decided to save the best until last: the light fitting in the living room. Do you see that white blob? That is chewing gum. And those black bits? They are flies stuck to it. I kid you not.
I’m not afraid of cleaning but that light fitting was heading straight for the skip. You can also see a missing spindle from the staircase. Yet another thing that needed to be sorted.
We couldn’t wait to get stuck into sorting out our house and turning it into a home. Pretty much everything needed ripping out, replacing and cleaning. Fully functioning central heating wouldn’t go amiss either. We had a lot to do. The next few months were not going to be fun!


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