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Master bedroom progress: the transformation so far

I’m excited to share with you our master bedroom progress. We’ve come a long way since the look our bedroom had when we got the keys to our house around 3 and a half years ago. And isn’t it a good job!

Our first home. Master bedroom before

We knew as soon as we saw the bedroom that everything would need replacing and redecorating. I think the only thing that has stayed the same in the room is the window. Even some of the wall was knocked down when we decided to get rid of the hot water cylinder that was housed in there.

The small door that you can see on the left of the above photo was where the hot water cylinder was kept.

Hot water cylinder in master bedroom

After knocking down the top part of the wall that contained the cylinder, we installed a wooden shelf on top of the part of the wall that remained. This was great because it meant we had a place to put our TV, that we didn’t really have space for before. Extra space is always a bonus!

Master bedroom progress. Bedroom floor

This was probably not our bedroom’s finest moment. No radiator, bits of the wall missing and no floor. I couldn’t wait for this phase to be over and for us to have a bedroom that wasn’t in bits.

A couple of years down the line and here is our bedroom in it’s not quite perfect, but much improved state!

Master bedroom progress

We painted the walls in Pale Gold Crown Breatheasy Emulsion*. We love the warmth it gives to the room.

One thing I really regret not doing when we got some of the walls re-plastered is not also re-plastering the ceilings. None of them are smooth – they are all the really old fashioned textured plastering. I believe popcorn ceilings is the description I should use. However, it would make such a mess if we were to get them re-plastered now, so we’ve just got to roll with it.

The shelf that the TV is sitting on is where the hot water cylinder used to be. Getting rid of that part of the wall has made such a difference to how spacious the room feels.

As you can probably tell, I love beach themed images. They remind me of holidays and I feel they offer a calming and relaxing vibe. I’m fully aware the picture on the left has been hung way too high – don’t ask me what happened there!

Master bedroom progress

The little cluster of prints in frames above the bed are from IKEA, both the prints and the frames.

IKEA prints

I spotted the prints with a reduced sticker on them and they were so cheap! The colours go so well with the bedroom decor and they’re such calming images. The white frames look lovely against the golden colour of the wall. After debating whether or not to paint the wooden frames, I decided I like them the way they are.

Master bedroom progress

Wanting to replace an old full-length mirror we had, I spotted the one above at B&Q. It was originally a pine colour, which I didn’t like. Seeing that it was very cheap in the sale, I bought it and painted it white. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Master bedroom progress

One of the things I really want to change in this room are the curtains. They were really cheap ones we bought just to make do for a while. They let lots of light in because they’re so thin, so it’s a good job we’ve got a blackout blind to keep the sunlight out in the bright summer mornings.

Another thing I want to replace is the bedside tables. The bedside table on the left of the photo matches the chest of drawers, whereas the other one doesn’t match anything, so it looks a little odd. On the other hand, they don’t look completely dissimilar, so I’m happy to make do for now.

The purple clock sat on the one bedside table doesn’t match the room. I did buy a cream clock from Laura Ashley to replace it, but it turns out it makes too much noise when we’re trying to sleep! After relocating it to the living room, the purple clock is there to stay. For now, anyway.

Bedroom chandelier

This ceiling light used to be on the landing, but it hangs rather low and so anyone who was particularly tall would hit their heads on it! For this reason, we thought we better move it and so we swapped it for the light that used to hang in our bedroom. I think this light fixture looks really nice in the bedroom, so I’m glad we moved it.

So this is the master bedroom progress we’ve made so far. There are several things we would like to change and some things don’t match, but it’s a good start, I feel.


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