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Making Thin Planters for the Side of the House

Making thin planters for the side of the house

Our back door leads to a narrow space at the side of the house. As I mentioned in a previous Luxestyle Loves post, when we moved into our home, this area felt pretty gloomy and not quite the lead-up to the garden we would like. There was a lot of brickwork, combined with unattractive fence panels that needed brightening up. After researching and planning, we came up with a plan of action. First, we would paint the fence panels white and then we would make thin planters for the side of the house, to sit in front of the newly painted fence.

Narrow space at the side of the house before

After clearing the space and moving the bins as far away from the back door as possible, we gave the fence a good clean. To brighten up the space, we chose to paint the fence white.

Painting fence panels white with Cuprinol White Daisy

With just the first coat of Cuprinol White Daisy paint, the fence was beginning to look so much better.

Next came the task of building long narrow planters, plus a smaller one for in the middle. Making them ourselves appeared the best thing, both in terms of cost and so that we could make them the perfect size for the space.

We used decking boards because we like the look of the grooves in the wood.

After cutting everything to size, we screwed the bottom boards onto the small pieces we’d cut down for feet. Next, we screwed one of each side panel onto the base. Then we screwed 4 plain pieces of wood into place as end supports, built another layer of decking boards up, then put the 2 middle supports in. A final layer of decking boards completed each planter.

To ensure good drainage, we drilled holes into the base of each planter, which you can just about see in the photo below.

Making narrow planters painted with silver birch paint

Cuprinol Silver Birch paint had proved to be a beautiful deep grey on our decking, so we chose to use it for these planters too. It contrasts beautifully against the white of the fence panels.

Each planter was lined with the black fabric used to stop weeds growing, secured in place by a staple gun. We put big stones and rocks along the bottom to help with drainage and then filled each planter with compost, ready for plants.

Trying to find tall, thin plants proved to be a little tricky. Luckily, at the small garden centre we visited, they had the perfect solution – Taxus baccata David. This evergreen yew will continue to grow taller and will remain thin, which is exactly what we were after.

Planters for a narrow space at the side of the house

The beautiful bright orange of Crocosmia flowers combined with the bright green leaves of the Hakonechloa provide lovely pops of colour.

Making thin planters for the side of the house

Next on my wish list for this space? Replacing the solid concrete and concrete slabs with nicer paving slabs. Oh and the small planter in the middle needs a plant too. But for this year at least, I’m more than happy with the progress we’ve made. Making thin planters for the side of the house and painting the fence has made trips down to the garden so much more enjoyable!

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