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Luxestyle Loves 13.08.2018

Megan Hess Kingdom Plate

Well, I haven’t written a Luxestyle Loves post for quite some time, so I really fancied writing one this week. I feel like I’ve got a real habit of saying this, but the weeks are flying by! When time seems to flash past, I think it’s always nice to take a moment to think of all of the great things that have happened during the week.

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week.

Puppy playtime

My dog hates other dogs. He barks like crazy at every other dog he sees, which is obviously so much fun when we’re out walking. However, our lovely next door neighbour has had a puppy and our dog loves him.

Pretty much every day, they’ve visited each other in our back gardens to play. It’s the cutest thing. They chase after each other, play with each other’s toys and dig at the fence to get to each other when they’re not together. We’ll never be able to move house again now that they’re firm friends!

Birthday shopping

I’ll soon be turning 30, which is totally crazy. Because it’s a big birthday, my parents have been wanting to get me something I can keep for a long time, to remind me of my milestone birthday.

After struggling to think of something, my Mum had the brilliant idea of looking for a piece of artwork. We’ve spent time browsing online, looking for a really nice print or canvas. I remembered that I follow the artist Megan Hess on Instagram so we had a browse of her website. We were spoilt for choice!

There are a few prints that are in the running so I really need to make a decision. If you love girly prints with a focus on fashion, Megan has the most beautiful artwork. She doesn’t just sell prints either – how incredible are the plates?

Megan Hess Kingdom Plate

Improving the narrow space at the side of our house

The walkway at the side of our house is very narrow. As our back door is on the side of the house, this narrow walkway is the only way to get to our back garden.

Ever since we moved into our home last November, I’ve been dreaming of improving the space. I’ve been planning how to make the area feel less small, gloomy and unloved.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been making changes to the space and it’s made a huge difference to how the space feels. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve done, but for now, here’s how the space looked not long after we’d moved in.

Not the prettiest of spaces! I’m so pleased we chose to spend time making this area much nicer.


It’s been a really good week here – I hope this week has been just as great for you too.


Featured image: Megan Hess

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