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LuxeStyle Loves 04.09.2017

LuxeStyle Loves 04.09.2017

Well, we’re working our way through September aren’t we! You can certainly tell Autumn is well on it’s way now. I think the heating will have to go on soon, as Dan is saying he’s cold already! Let’s see what I’ve been loving this week.


Date night

We went through a phase of eating out quite often, but we haven’t been out for dinner much at all recently. On Monday, we visited our local Miller and Carter restaurant and it was lovely to go out together midweek and to not have to cook. I’m not a big fan of cooking, so letting someone else cook on a Monday evening made a nice change!


Printing off photos

In a world of everything being digital, I find I hardly get photos printed out anymore. I’ve been wanting to update the photos in several of my photo frames recently, so I got some printed. It was so nice to receive them in the post and look through them all, then choose my favourites to display. We’ve got a couple of small hanging photo frames that are in sets of 3, so I thought it would be lovely to put some wedding photos into them. It took ages to cut 6 photos down to the perfect size, but it was well worth it when I saw the finished result.


Our house sale moving along

I mentioned in last week’s catch-up post that we were hoping to agree a sale on our home this week, so we were so pleased that it happened early this week. Now the sale is starting to move along and it’s such a relief to be moving forward onto the next stage in selling our home. Hopefully, we’ll be in our new home within the next 2 months, which is so exciting!


We’re washing again!

At the end of last week, my washing machine broke. I was panicking it was going to set on fire, the smell of burning was that bad! It wasn’t even that old, so I wasn’t happy it had decided to give up on me already. Thank goodness we had a new one delivered and installed on Friday.

It’s when you end up having to make do without something that you realise just how grateful we should be when everything is working okay! I’m a big believer in regularly reminding ourselves of everything we have to be grateful for and modern technology that makes our lives so much easier is definitely something I will be saying thank you for.


Blog posts

As someone who has a huge interest in interiors, I really enjoyed reading what Kimberley at Swoonworthy predicts will be the next interior trends in her Trend Spotting post. Whilst I don’t pay really close attention to trends, as I like to buy things that will last for years, I still find it very interesting to see what trends will be heading our way. I love that gold is on the list, as it’s become one of my favourite colours.

This week, I also enjoyed reading about a Moet and Chandon champagne tour, written by Maggie who is possibly one of the nicest bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to online! I love hearing about her latest travels, and this champagne tour is no exception. The Moet and Chandon estate looks very impressive and I would love to visit one day.


Let me know what you’ve been loving this week!

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