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Luxe Letter October 2017

Luxe letter October 2017

To you, my beautiful reader, my luxe letter October 2017. I’m writing this a little bleary-eyed, feeling tired, excited and maybe a tad nervous about the times ahead. I mentioned in my September luxe letter that we had accepted an offer on our house and we were busy with all of the admin etc involved in selling a house. We are now oh so close to moving and I can’t wait to share our new journey with you.

Parts of October have been rather quiet and dull and other times have been packed full of various things that have been keeping me busy.

Meeting my godson has certainly been a highlight of the month for me. Being asked to be a godmother to my best friend’s baby was such an honour. To finally get to see him in real life and see him grinning away was a fabulous moment.

This time of the year is always full of celebrations for us. There are several birthdays and also a wedding anniversary in Autumn. Just a couple of weeks ago we were enjoying a lovely meal at Aston Marina for my Mum’s birthday.

Trio of melon and parma ham Aston Marina

With all of the stress of moving house, I find going for walks to bring some much needed relaxation time. Lakeside walks are one of my favourites and we were so lucky to have completely dry and fairly warm weather when we went for our most recent one.

Lakeside walk

One perk of moving house has been baking to use up some store cupboard items! It was good fun to spend a few hours experimenting with different recipes.

Something that hasn’t been quite so much fun is being surrounded by boxes and trying to pack up our life. Thank goodness the end is in sight. Take a peek at myย house tourย posts to see what we did to our house over the years we’ve been living here.

So November, for us, is going to be a month of new beginnings, of change, excitement and getting settled in our new home. Getting ready for Christmas is no doubt going to be a feature too; sorry to mention that word already!

As always, let me know how October was for you and what you’ve got planned for the month ahead. I hope it will be a wonderful month for us all.

Much love,







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  • Reply
    4th November 2017 at 17:21

    How lovely to have been asked to be godmother to your best friend’s baby, what an honour! Totally agree about how calming lakeside walks can be, hope you feel a little less stressed soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Reply
      23rd November 2017 at 13:47

      Thanks Gabrielle – I was thrilled ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to go back for another walk very soon x

  • Reply
    Yara Mel
    4th November 2017 at 20:13

    Lakeside walks are so relaxing, I am also a fan ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely letter!

    • Reply
      23rd November 2017 at 13:57

      Thanks so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • Reply
    5th November 2017 at 16:20

    Meeting your godson sounds like a real highlight for this month, I can’t think of a better person for your friend to have asked to fulfil this important role in his life than you! Can’t wait to hear all about your new house, getting all settled in in time for Christmas will be wonderful I’m sure!

    abbey ?

    • Reply
      23rd November 2017 at 13:59

      That’s such a lovely thing to say Abbey – thank you! We’re getting settled in now, so perfect timing for Christmas x

  • Reply
    7th November 2017 at 06:39

    That lake looks gorgeous

    • Reply
      23rd November 2017 at 15:03

      It’s so lovely to walk around x

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