Lunch date with a fully loaded brioche

I think sometimes we can get carried away with the amount of work we have to do. When there are work deadlines to meet, blog posts to write and social media platforms to manage, life can get pretty hectic. I talked about how I try to fit in blogging and working whilst also ensuring I have time for myself in my how I juggle everything post. I believe that making time and allowing yourself to be able to relax and unwind is so important.

This year I made the resolution that I’m going to relax and treat myself more and I fully intend to make it a priority. I may find the time during the evening to sit and catch up on one of my favourite TV programmes, but to make the effort to actually treat myself, by running myself a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book, or going out for a meal or to the cinema with my other half, is something I haven’t been doing anywhere near often enough recently.

I can see why people decide to go on date nights. Making sure we spend quality time with our partner and loved ones is something that can seriously slip in our busy lives, which is such a shame.

Last week, Dan and I decided it would be nice to go out for lunch and to do a little shopping. We visited a big garden centre and mini shopping village nearby and visited the restaurant for some lunch.

I chose a herbed focaccia with brie and cranberries, which arrived with a boatload of crisps!

Dan, on the other hand, chose possibly the most impressive sandwich I’ve ever seen!

The fully loaded brioche sandwich was pretty huge and it tasted as good as it looks. Of course I couldn’t resist trying a bite!

To take a break from work during the week and have a nice lunch together was so refreshing. Sometimes I find I get so laser focused on working and blogging that I forget to take breaks and do something different.

To go for a lunch date during the week made a nice change. It reminded me yet again of how important it is to make the effort to have free time available for you to spend with those you love without distractions. Apart from taking a couple of photos of our food (let’s face it – I couldn’t let that immense sandwich go without a quick photo could I!), we kept our phones away the whole time. Sadly, this seems to be a rarity nowadays, and it made such a nice change.

Sometimes all it takes is a little break and some quality time with someone special to make you realise how important it is to make the time.

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