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Living room storage unit makeover

Our father-in-law kindly gave us an old unit he no longer wanted when we moved into our house. It had a few white paint marks on it and some minor dents and scratches to the laminate (at least that’s what I think it is), so it was looking a little sad. 
I didn’t know I was going to start blogging before I did a makeover of the storage unit and so any photos of the unit pre-makeover that I’ve managed to find are obscured in some way, usually by a cat!
This was the best photo of it that I could find. I think it was taken when we hadn’t been moved in for all that long, as the living room has changed so much since then. It’s a shame I couldn’t find any close-ups to show you the condition the unit was in.


I had spent ages trying to find some wicker baskets to fit into the unit that would be good for storing things, and I finally found some at my local garden centre. The problem was that they didn’t fit very well. They weren’t tall enough and so you could see into them easily, which made the unit look a bit messy. They also stuck out a little, which just didn’t look right. 
I got fed up of the paint marks and the cheap-looking laminate, so I decided to take the plunge and paint the unit white. This was the first time I had every painted a piece of furniture, so I was a little scared!
I was in Wickes one day and spotted their own brand Cupboard Paint in White Mist, so I thought I would give it a try. I was a little concerned when it appeared to have a slight lilac hue, but after applying it, it turned out to be the white colour it said it would be, thank goodness.
I gave the unit a very light sanding and then a good clean. I didn’t bother with primer or undercoat of any kind, mainly because it say on the tin that you don’t need it. 
I had to apply a few coats of paint in order for it to have a good finish.
Living room storage unit makeover
And here is the storage unit, given a new lease of life with it’s white paint. 
I found the new baskets that are the perfect fit for it at B&Q. They only had the one left in store, so I ordered them online and I was so happy to find that they fit so well. 
If I tell you that they delivered a toilet to me instead of the baskets the first time round would you believe me? Because that’s what happened! If they had brought me a surround sound home cinema system, I may have accepted, but I have no need for a second toilet, so I sent it back! If only they had sent me something more exciting than a toilet *sigh*. 
Fortunately, on the second attempt, I received the baskets, which was a relief. It’s a great way to store things like hubby’s Xbox games and the TV remote controls so that they are easily accessible but out of sight. 
Living room storage unit makeover
The clock is the Laura Ashley one I bought that was meant to go in our bedroom, but ended up being put in the living room instead. We bought the lamp just a few weeks ago at BHS and I just love the modern design of it. The Vera Wang photo frame was a wedding gift, so it is very special to me, and I just love the little knot in the top right-hand corner – I just hope no cat claws find their way to it! The candle on the left was also a gift and I’ve had the vanilla candle with twigs for years now. The wooden plate it stands on was originally brown but it went a weird colour, so I spray painted it gold. The coasters that you can just about see are the Crazy Daisy design by Portmeirion and I just love how they bring a pop of colour to the unit. 
I was really pleased with the results of my first attempt at painting furniture and it’s turned an item I wanted to replace into something that I’m now really happy to have in my home. It made me a little more brave at experimenting, and I’m so glad I did it!

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