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Living room storage unit makeover

Living room storage unit makeover

When we moved into our first home, my father-in-law kindly gave us an old storage unit he no longer wanted. With several white paint marks and minor dents and scratches, it was looking a little past it’s best. We decided we wanted to attempt a storage unit makeover. After doing some research on the internet as to whether painting laminate furniture was a good idea, we felt that it was something we should try.

Not knowing I was going to start blogging before we did the storage unit makeover means I have very few photos of it.

Storage unit makeover before photo

Unfortunately, this is the best photo I could find! It’s a shame I haven’t got any close-ups of the unit so you can see the condition it was in. I don’t think we’d been living here for all that long when this photo was taken. As it was our first home, we were starting from scratch with so many things and so we were still making do at this point!

I spent quite some time trying to find suitable wicker baskets for storage at the base of the unit. After bringing some home from a local garden centre, I realised they didn’t fit very well. They weren’t tall enough, meaning you could see everything inside them. In addition, they stuck out a little, which added to my annoyance! I couldn’t be bothered to return them though, so we kept them for a while.

Whilst shopping in Wickes one day, we spotted their own brand Cupboard Paint in White Mist. Because it said it was suitable for melamine furniture, we decided we would give it a try. I found this Ronseal Melamine and MDF paint* online, which sounds very similar.

As this was the first time I had painted a piece of furniture, I was a little scared! First, I lightly sanded the unit and then gave it a good clean. The tin said primer wasn’t required, so I decided to follow this advice. When the paint looked slightly lilac, I was quite worried, but it turned out to be white when it was applied to the unit.

In order for the unit to have a good finish, I applied a few coats of paint.

And here are the results of my storage unit makeover.

Living room storage unit makeover

The new baskets were from B&Q and I’m so glad they’re the perfect fit. They only had one left in store, so I ordered them online. If I tell you they delivered a toilet to me instead of the baskets would you believe me? Because that’s what happened! Having no need for a second toilet, I had to send it back!

I relocated the baskets that didn’t fit well to the tall storage units in our spare room, where they look much better.

The clock from Laura Ashley should have been in our master bedroom, but we put it here instead. We bought the lamp just a few weeks ago at BHS and I love the modern design. The Vera Wang photo frame and small candle were gifts. I’ve had the vanilla candle with twigs for quite some time now and I spray painted the wooden plate it stands on gold. I love how the Portmeirion Crazy Daisy coasters bring a little pop of colour to the unit.

I was really pleased with the results of my first attempt at painting furniture. It’s turned an item I wanted to replace into something I’m really happy to have in my home. Doing the storage unit makeover made me a little more brave at experimenting and I’m so glad I did it!


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