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Landing update

landing update

I wish I had some photos of how our landing looked when we moved into our home. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have any, although you can get a good idea of how it looked from our other before photos. As far as I can recall, the walls were bright orange, there wasn’t a proper floor covering, and all doors were dark wood and in a bad way. The landing space is very small and the orange walls and dark doors made the space feel even smaller and really dark and gloomy. We couldn’t wait to begin the landing update and brighten the space up.

The photo below shows a door from one of the upstairs rooms after we’d removed it from the door frame and put it temporarily into the spare room. It gives a good idea of the state the house was in.

Our first home. Spare bedroom before

We replaced all the doors, which we painted and glossed. I say we painted and glossed, but we actually got a painter to do the work for us because with the sheer amount of other work we had to do, we desperately needed a little help! And boy were we glad of the help with all of that painting!

landing doors

There was no proper floor covering on the landing or the stairs. My favourite floor covering for pretty much every room apart from the kitchen and bathroom is carpet because I think it makes a house feel cosy and homely.

We set about choosing a colour that could handle our dog and cats walking all over it. We decided on a mink colour, although the carpet that was delivered was actually a dark brown. I’ve got no idea what happened there, but we couldn’t be bothered to send it back, so we just rolled with it!

When we first bought our house, we painted pretty much every wall magnolia, including the landing and stairs. These areas remained the same colour for a few years, until I saw a photo on Pinterest that inspired me to paint our landing, stairs and 3 walls of our living room white. As soon as I saw the photo, I suggested to Dan that we paint some walls in our house white. I was bracing myself for his response, but to my surprise, he actually thought it was a good idea and we literally got the paint out of the garage and started painting!

The power of Pinterest inspiration!

Canvases and mirror on landing

I bought the 3 canvases that sit opposite the spare bedroom door in a sale at Homebase. I thought they were quite cute and they fit so well into that little space on the wall.

I love using mirrors in our house to make small spaces feel a little bigger. They also help to reflect light around the room, which really helps to brighten our landing up at night. We found this bevelled one at a bargain price at our local JTF Warehouse, which is a little similar to Makro and Costco. We loved it so much that we bought a second similar one for our living room.

Landing mirror

I’m still really glad we decided to paint all of the landing white on a whim the way we did because it looks so light and bright now. It looks so much better against the dark brown carpet that we didn’t actually order!

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