How to organise recipes the easy way

How to organise recipes the easy way

For quite some time, I was unsure what would be the best way to organise recipes. Previously, I kept recipes that I had taken out of magazines and leaflets in a ringbinder folder. I also had several cookery books, where I would turn the top corners over for the recipes I was interested in cooking. In addition, I had recipes that I had saved from various websites stored on my laptop.

The result was that I had recipes stored in different places. Any time I felt like cooking something new or that I hadn’t cooked for a while, I had to search through cookery books, a folder and also my laptop. Not the simplest system!

When I did my big declutter last year, I decided that while I had previously found storing recipes in a folder to be the best way to organise them, this wasn’t actually the best method. I wanted to get rid of the paperwork and folder in my attempts to make more space in our small home. Also, amalgamating all recipes from their different homes into one place would make life so much easier.

I came up with the idea of storing all recipes on my laptop. The thought of typing up all of the recipes in my folder was a little daunting, but I knew it would be worth it in the end. I also knew that a lot of the recipes that were stored in my folder I probably wouldn’t cook, maybe because they didn’t really appeal to me anymore or the ingredients were proving to be a little harder to find than anticipated. Don’t you just hate those recipes with weird ingredients you can’t find!

I also decided to start going through some of my cookery books and type up the recipes I thought we might want to make in the future. I chose to keep a few cookery books that I have made lots of different recipes from or just didn’t want to get rid of, but it seemed silly to keep the ones we’ve barely used. By the way, I really recommend the Lean in 15* books by Joe Wicks – lots of great healthy meals that are quick and easy to make.

Cookery books

Cookery books

Saving recipes onto my laptop means that I can store them according to the type of dish e.g. pasta recipes, beef recipes, lamb recipes etc. Now, when I have a joint of lamb in the fridge, I can browse through the lamb recipes that are all stored together in a document on my laptop and maybe look through the 4 cookery books we own.

We purchased a hard drive* that automatically backs everything up that we save on our computers and shares it with each device. This means that the recipes I save onto my laptop can be viewed on Dan’s tablet, so that we can use his tablet when cooking. A tablet is much easier to fit onto our small counter-tops and carry around the kitchen while we’re cooking, rather than using a bulky ringbinder folder or laptop. As his tablet* has a stand, it can be stood upright, making viewing the recipe whilst cooking super easy.

I would sometimes take a recipe out of my folder so that I just had the one piece of paper in the kitchen, but then I would have to file it back away again and take the folder back upstairs to put it back in it’s place. It’s so much easier to view the recipes on the tablet instead.

And there we have it – an easy way to organise recipes and save precious space in the house in the process.


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