How to organise birthday gift giving

How to organise birthday gift giving

I love shopping for birthday presents for my friends and family. Although my Dad and Father-in-Law are so hard to buy for! My Father-in-Law doesn’t drink alcohol either, which makes it even worse! Anyway, I digress. Over the years, I’ve developed ways to organise birthday gift giving, to make life easier.


Tip 1: Present ban

As much as I enjoy browsing for gifts, the best tip of all for being organised when it comes to birthdays is simply to have a present ban. Martin Lewis at Money Saving Expert is a big fan of present bans and I can totally see why. This is by far the best way to save money and save space in your house. It also stops the yearly task of trying to find space in your own home when you birthday arrives and you receive so many lovely presents but have nowhere to put them all!


Tip 2: Shop in advance

I often look out for things that I think would make really nice gifts when I’m out shopping. I feel that it’s so much easier to buy things when I see them, even if it’s a few months in advance of someone’s birthday, rather than desperately searching at the last minute for something suitable.


Tip 3: Keep everything together

I keep all the gifts I purchase together in a box, so that I know where they all are. This way, it’s so easy to find what I’ve bought for each person quickly.

Box for gifts

I don’t like to hoard and so when the box is getting full, I know that it may be a good idea to not buy anything else. Having said that, if I see something that I think is the perfect gift for someone, I probably won’t be able to resist getting it!


Tip 4: Write everything down

It can be easy to buy gifts and then forget that you’ve bought them. It’s a good idea to make a note of everything you have got stored. I find it so much easier to look at a list, rather than rummaging through a box of presents and trying to remember who I’ve bought each gift for. It’s also easy to carry a list of gifts you’ve already purchased around with you when you’re out shopping.

I’ve got a dedicated page in a notebook for birthday presents. I keep a list of all the gifts I’ve bought and who they are for. When I’ve given that gift out, I cross it off my list, so I remember I no longer have it stored.


I really hope that these tips to help organise birthday gift giving might be useful. I love giving birthday presents but I think that present bans are also a great idea to save yourself time, space and money. And who doesn’t want more time, space and money!

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