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How to make a small house feel bigger

How to make a small house feel bigger

Our house is the first home Dan and I have bought together. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that it’s really small. We have just 2 rooms downstairs – a living room and kitchen and that’s it, there isn’t even a hallway. Upstairs, we have a master bedroom, a small bathroom and finally a really small spare room.

Bearing in mind that this small space has to accommodate us 2 humans, 2 cats and a dog, getting what little room we have to work for us has been difficult at times. However, after a few years of living here, I think we’ve finally got the hang of it. I really wanted to share some tips with you to make a small house feel bigger that have helped us immensely.


Tip 1: Declutter (KonMari style)

Decluttering is going to make a huge difference to how spacious a house feels. The KonMari method is definitely the decluttering method I would recommend. Before using this, I had attempted to declutter our house so many times, but I always seemed to still have way too many belongings for such a small home. It felt like we had nowhere to store so many things.

Marie Kondo quote

After completing a KonMari declutter, for the first time since moving into our house, I haven’t felt like we have a severe lack of storage. Everything now has a home, we have so many less belongings everywhere and our home feels much more spacious.


Tip 2: Put appliances away

Our kitchen is small and because of this, we struggle for space on worktops. I decided a little while ago to remove the toaster from it’s usual place on the worktop and to keep it in a cupboard instead. I also did the same with Dan’s coffee maker and coffee pods, keeping them all together in a cupboard rather than on the worktop.

Kitchen worktop

I’ve found that just putting these appliances away into cupboards has made it feel like there is so much more space on the worktops. It makes the surfaces much easier to clean too. And I love anything that saves time cleaning!


Tip 3: Use neutral colours

I’m such a fan of neutral colours and I think they have made a big difference in making the rooms in our house feel lighter and bigger.

When we got the keys to our house, the rooms were painted in various colours, from green to orange, and sometimes with different colours in the same rooms. It made the house feel so small and dark and gloomy. In the kitchen, there was also dark wooden panelling, which made the space look tiny.

One of the first things we did when the house became ours was to paint pretty much every single wall in the house magnolia, just to brighten it up. It made such a huge difference. It was like being in a completely different house.

I’ve now become a big fan of painting walls white. White paint looks so clean and modern and keeps rooms light and bright, even if you have a darker accent wall.


Tip 4: Use mirrors

I really do believe that using mirrors makes rooms appear to be bigger than they actually are. We’ve got several mirrors in our home.

Landing mirror

Our landing is very small and has a dark carpet, which doesn’t help to make it feel bigger, but it’s very practical with 3 pets. Having the mirror here really helps to make the space feel much bigger, as well as reflecting the light from the light fitting opposite it, which really brightens the landing in the evenings.


Tip 5: Change the layout to make the space work better

This is often really easy to do, depending on the room. However, it can sometimes be a more expensive option, such as in the bathroom when you have to pay for plumbing to be moved around. Nevertheless, it can still be really worth doing in order to make a big difference to the feeling of space in a room and to make the room work better for you.

We made some changes to the layout of our house, particularly in the bathroom.

Our first home. Bathroom before

Moving the position of the bath made the room feel more spacious and it just seemed to make the room flow much better. Having the sink stuck behind the door next to the bath had made the sink area feel very cramped.

Neutral bathroom

Now there is a more spacious sink area and natural light pours in from the window next to it.


Tip 6: Use clever storage

When there is a real lack of space in a room, finding ways to store belongings can be tricky. Often, using tall storage units are a good idea because they can provide lots of storage space without taking up much floor space, which is often lacking in a small house.

In our spare room, we bought two thin storage units and pushed them together. They take up hardly any floor space in what is the smallest room in our house, but because they are tall, they store lots of items.


Tip 7: Choose the right furniture

Choosing furniture that is raised up on legs can help to create an illusion of more space.

Mirrored furniture is also a good option, as it reflects light and can help to make a room feel bigger.

Master bedroom progress

The wardrobe in our bedroom has a full length mirror on each door and it really helps to give the illusion of the room being bigger and more spacious.


And there you have it; 7 tips that, from my experience, can help to make a small house feel bigger.

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