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How to cleverly disguise ugly cables

How to cleverly disguise ugly cables

Ever since we moved the TV to the other side of our living room, we’ve had cables trailing all along one wall from the socket in one corner of the room to the TV unit in another corner. Having 2 cables trailing along the floor looks messy, so we’ve been trying to find a way to disguise ugly cables.

Our first attempt was to tie them together using cable ties and attach them to the wall just above the skirting board. However, this didn’t help to make them much better. They still looked pretty obvious, trailing the length of the skirting board all the way across one wall.

When shopping in B&Q recently, I spotted some trunking that looked like a clever way to hide the cables away. We decided to try it out.

D Line pvc white trunking

We used D-Line PVC White Trunking*, which can be fitted either at the bottom of your skirting board, or at the top. It looks like it’s part of the skirting board.

The trunking has strips on the back that you pull off, which reveals the adhesive that sticks the trunking to the wall. You simply push it onto the wall and it sticks to it, so you don’t have to start using screws or buying your own adhesive to attach it to the wall. So easy!

We used 2 pieces to go all the way along our living room wall. One piece needed to be cut so that it would fit. Dan used a saw to cut through it and he found it really easy to saw through.

Once the trunking is attached to the wall, you open the lid and push the cables inside. Then you click the lid back into place, and the ugly cables are no longer visible.

D Line white trunking

Here’s what our living room looks like with the trunking in place.

D Line white trunking to disguise ugly cables

D Line trunking to disguise ugly cables

Such an easy way to disguise ugly cables!


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  • Reply
    Shannon Kims
    26th June 2016 at 21:06

    Such a clever way to disguise cables! I have so many on show, it drives me crazy!

    Shannon | http://www.shannonkims.com

  • Reply
    28th June 2016 at 17:14

    Ours looked terrible going all the way along the living room. I'm so glad we found a way to hide them 🙂

  • Reply
    12th July 2016 at 13:53

    That does indeed look very neat! The perfect middle ground between just pinning them in place and drilling holes and hiding them behind the wall or plasterboard (if even possible or appropriate). May have to get me some of these!

  • Reply
    12th July 2016 at 16:37

    I can't tell you how much better it looks. I'm so glad I spotted it!

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