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Garden update: painting our brick wall white

We built a brick wall in front of the lawn when we replaced our patio, which you can read about here.
Garden-with-wall-and-patioWe were really pleased with how the brick wall turned out, and with the improvement it made from the concrete slabs that it replaced.

I’ve been admiring white walls in gardens on Pinterest for quite some time – I love the bright modern look they provide. I was concerned about painting our brick wall white because the dog and cats are always walking over it, so I was worried that they would scratch the paint off easily, but I thought it was worth the risk!
white-colours-masonry-paintWe chose this Colours Masonry Paint in pure brilliant white from B&Q, which is designed for exterior walls.

First of all, we moved the gravel away from the front of the wall. When the gravel had all been moved, we gave the brick wall a thorough clean, choosing a nice summery day so that it would dry quickly, so that we could begin painting.

painting-brick-wall-whiteWe gave the wall two coats of paint. The paint requires 4-6 hours of drying time before it can have a second coat, so we made sure we started painting early in the day, so we had enough time for the first coat to dry before we painted it again.

brick-wall-painted-whiteWe painted the wall about 3 months ago now and the paint has lasted really well so far, even with our pets running all over it. There are a few areas where the paint has chipped off, but it isn’t very noticeable and can be quickly patched over.

I was also worried that the wall would get dirty quickly, but I haven’t found it to be too bad and any dirt is easily wiped off.

white-brick-wallThe dog clearly wanted to show everyone his rear end in this photo – I do apologise!

I’m so happy with how the wall looks painted white in our garden. So far, the paint has fared really well and I love the way the white contrasts with the deep green of the lawn and the gold gravel.

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