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Garden progress: replacing the patio and building a wall

Garden progress

To begin our back garden transformation, we had laid down turf to create a lawn and put a border with plants at the rear of the garden. However, we still had a lot of work to do. Here is the garden progress we’ve made so far.

Cat in a bucket

We were fed up of looking at the ugly concrete slabs that made up our patio. As soon as we got rid of the weeds that grew in all of the gaps between them, more sprouted up again. The only good thing about this photo is the cat sat in the bucket! Isn’t she cute!

We also decided to get rid of the concrete posts that had been the edging for the lawn and replace them with a brick wall.

Remember the second patio that was in our garden when we first moved in, that resembled a chessboard?

Our first home. Back garden before

We could have bought all new paving slabs to replace the concrete ones, but instead we chose to use the lighter coloured slabs from the second patio. However, there weren’t very many of them, so we decided to space them out a little and fill the rest of the space with gravel. Gravel is always a good way to fill large spaces in the garden easily.

Dan took up the old concrete slabs with help from his brother, who we managed to bribe to come and help us with promises of food! The slabs were large and very heavy, so it was hard work in the hot summer weather.

Replacing the patio and wall

They put down weed control sheeting all over the patio area, then put down sand and cement before laying down the replacement slabs.

Next, they built a brick wall to frame the edge of the lawn, which looks so much nicer than the old concrete posts.

Garden with brick wall

We chose gold coloured gravel because it goes really well with the slabs and is quite a light colour, so I think it helps to make the garden look bigger. We’ve since painted the brick wall white, and I love how it makes the gold gravel pop.

As you can just see in the corner, we painted the garage magnolia using masonry paint. It brightened up the awful dark pebbledash a great deal. I can’t remember what brand of paint we used, but this Dulux paint* has got very good reviews.

Our table and chairs were very kindly given to us by a family friend. They were going to throw them in a skip until they heard we had moved into our first home and asked if we would like them. They were a little worse for wear, but after a good sand and some paint, they look much better.

We also added wooden edging to the back of the garden to separate the plants from the lawn, in the hope it would deter the dog from jumping all over the plants. It took a lot of us telling him off for constantly jumping over it, but after a while he actually started to listen and realised the border is there for a reason. No more squashed plants!

We’re really pleased with the garden progress we’ve made so far, although there is still much more we want to do.


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