French road trip part 6: Fontainebleau

We planned on visiting Fontainebleau whilst we were staying at the Chateau d’Augerville because it was only a half hour drive away.

After driving past the Chateau de Fontainebleau when we entered the town and seeing how impressive it was, we couldn’t miss getting a closer look at it.

First, we wandered into Le jardin de Diane, an English-style garden, in the grounds of the chateau.

We thought it would just be a very small garden next to the chateau but we were pleasantly surprised. There were several meandering paths taking us through very well kept and peaceful gardens containing statues, a fountain and grand buildings.

Visiting fairly early in the morning meant that we were lucky to find the gardens pretty quiet. I can imagine that they would get busy later in the day.

The fountain was quite a focal point.

We found a path which led us through to the front of the chateau.

I wore clothes that would keep me as cool as possible for most of this trip – I can’t tell you how hot it was and walking everywhere in the hot sun didn’t help matters!

Dan tried something different on the camera and I’m not sure what he did but it worked a treat to show a panoramic view of the front of the chateau.

We went to take a closer look at the ornately decorated black and gold entrance gates.

Standing in front of the gates, the chateau looked very impressive with it’s grand horseshoe-shaped staircase and immaculate formal gardens.

You can look around the inside of the chateau for a fee, but to look around the gardens was free. Similarly to many attractions in France, admission to the chateau is free on the first Sunday of each month (apart from in July and August).

We chose to miss looking inside in favour of browsing the nearby shops and of course we wanted to get back to the hotel early so we could spend plenty of time in the luxury spa on our last day there. Who wouldn’t!

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