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Empty house tour – see inside our new home

Empty house tour

After moving out of our first home, we were so excited to get settled in our new house. Similarly to our first home, this property needs work doing to it, although not to the extent of the last house. After living here for a couple of months, we’ve started to make progress. I thought it would be good to do an empty house tour first so you can follow along with our journey.

This house is much larger than the last. To get onto the property ladder, we had to compromise a great deal, particularly on the size of the house. We got used to finding ways to make a small space feel bigger, but it’s been wonderful to move into a house with so much more space.

Let me show you around – come on in.

Empty house tour. Hallway

Having a hallway is something as a novelty to us. Even though this hallway is very small, we didn’t even have one at the last house, so anything is an improvement.

Since moving in, we’ve put coat hooks above the radiator and replaced the lampshade. Next on the list for this space is re-painting everywhere and choosing a new front door. All the internal doors downstairs need replacing too.

Empty house tour. Living room

As you can probably tell, I hurriedly took these photos while we were in the process of moving in when it had gone dark outside, so apologies they’re not the best. Hopefully they provide a good snapshot of some of the rooms, though.

Bay windows are a nice feature in the living room, but they need replacing. Something else we hope to replace at some point is the wall lights and matching ceiling light, as they’re not to our taste.

The living room leads to the dining room. We didn’t have a dining room at our last home, so it’s been a nice change to be able to sit at a table to eat!

Empty house tour. Dining room
Empty house tour. Kitchen
Empty house tour. Kitchen 2nd view

Sitting at the breakfast bar, looking out over the garden is going to be lovely in the summer. On the to-do list for the kitchen is replacing the oven, the hob and the sink. Replacing the window is also something we would like to do, as having the extractor fan where it is doesn’t look too pretty.

Come and take a peek upstairs.

Empty house tour. Stairs

In every room in the house, the paint is pretty patchy, so we’ll start painting when the weather warms up. Deciding which colours to choose is something we haven’t done yet. We’re thinking an off-white for the hallway, stairs and landing. Light colours are probably going to be best throughout the rest of the house too.

Empty house tour. Master bedroom

Much bigger than our bedroom at the last house, the master bedroom is a great size. It also has a small cupboard attached, which I’m hoping to turn into a small closet. A bit too small to have a rail in there, I think we’re going to get drawers and shelving installed. Painting the walls and replacing the bay window are on the to-do list for the bedroom.

Empty house tour. Bathroom sink
Empty house tour. Bathroom

The bathroom is also a great size. So far, we’ve replaced the small mirrored cabinet with our own and purchased a freestanding cabinet to sit in the corner for more storage. We also replaced the bulbs in the spotlights for LED ones, as it was so dark in there.

This house has 1 spare room and, again, it’s much bigger than the spare room at our last house. As it’s still a dumping ground while we continue settling in, I’ll take some photos to show you at a later date. I can’t wait to show you the garden and our plans to redesign it too.

We’ve been enjoying starting to make improvements to the house and we’re so excited for the future in our new home. We’ve got a busy few months ahead!

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  • Reply
    29th January 2018 at 16:36

    Looks like a lovely home for you. The house has good bones, so it will be exciting to fix it up. 🙂

    • Reply
      5th February 2018 at 10:44

      Yes it’s such an exciting house to work with! Thank you x

  • Reply
    Mariann Yip
    29th January 2018 at 20:40

    So exciting! I can’t wait to see how you fill up the empty space! http://mariannyc.com/2018/01/29/its-my-birthday-26-lessons-ive-learned/

    • Reply
      5th February 2018 at 10:45

      Thank you! We’re enjoying filling it up 🙂 x

  • Reply
    2nd February 2018 at 17:00

    Congratulations on your new home, such a special occasion to mark the new year! Enjoy the larger bedroom and I hope furnishing the place is a happy and smooth process for you; can’t wait to see the finished result (as well as your progress along the way!) 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend…


    • Reply
      5th February 2018 at 10:51

      Thanks so much Gabrielle 🙂 We’re really enjoying getting stuck in x

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