My favourite easy and affordable luxe rituals

I am a great believer in adding touches of luxury to your lifestyle, to make for a life that feels joyous and blissful. There are so many easy and super affordable ways to bring luxury into your everyday life, luxe hacks if you will. Here are some of my personal favourites:


Bring a fresh bouquet of flowers into your home

I have always been someone who thinks carefully before making any purchases and I used to think that buying flowers for my home was a waste of money. I guess it was the slightly frugal aspect of my personality creeping in, telling me I shouldn’t spend money on something I don’t need to buy. However, I’ve come to realise what a super easy way it is to treat myself. When you consider that they are something you will see and appreciate every single day, they are so worth buying.

The cost can also be so small – you can pick up a bunch for around £3 from the supermarket. When I take good care of my flowers, I find they sometimes last for up to 2 weeks.


Bring out the bubbles

If you enjoy a tipple in the evening after work or at the weekend, why not treat yourself to some fizz? I have recently started buying myself a bottle of something fizzy every week and I find there’s nothing better to add some luxury to my evening.

You can go all out and splurge on a bottle of champagne, by all means, if that’s well within your budget. My top tip is to buy a bottle of prosecco, cava, or mabye try asti spumante if you enjoy sweet sparkling drinks, all of which you can find for around the £5 mark. I really recommend Aldi’s cava and asti spumante, for fantastic value for money.

I use a bottle stopper designed for champagne and sparkling wines, which helps to make a bottle last. By using this, I can enjoy a glass of fizz over several evenings.

It feels so luxurious to come home from work, slip into something more comfortable, and sip on a glass of bubbles.


Take a full-on luxe bath

One of my favourite ways to relax is to take the time to have a really luxurious bath. I find that I’m always rushing around trying to get so many things done, so I make sure I’m going to be able to take my time in the bath, without constantly thinking I need to get out to do job x,y and z. Worrying that I need to get out soon to get whatever job needs doing completed does not equal relaxation, so creating free time is of the utmost importance.

Bath creams that create bubbles are, of course, a key part. I’m currently loving the Imperial Leather Marshmallow Bath which smells utterly divine.

Candlelight in the evening adds a beautiful warm glow and provides a calm and relaxed vibe.

I have heard some people say that they find sitting in the bath boring, and so do I, which is why I never sit there alone with my thoughts. That is certainly not the best thing for an overactive mind like mine! Instead, I load up a Youtube video or inspiring audiobook, lie back and close my eyes, whilst occasionally reaching for my aforementioned glass of fizz, of course – sheer bliss.


Have candles in the house? Light them!

I remember seeing someone on Twitter tweet that they own lots of candles but they never light them because they feel bad using them! So many other people responded saying they did exactly the same thing. I used to be this way too, not wanting to use up candles because I liked them too much. However, a few months ago, I decided that this was such a waste.

Now, I love nothing more than coming home and lighting candles in the living room and sometimes in the kitchen when we’re cooking too. There’s something so relaxing, romantic and luxurious about spending the evening surrounded by candlelight.

If you have some candles that you really don’t want to use because you love them so much, you can always go and buy some cheap ones. One of my favourite places at the moment to get great value candles is Matalan. I also used to love getting the vanilla scented candles from Ikea. Oh how I wish there was an Ikea closer to me!

I often find cheap candles and candle holders in the sales too – I found this glam gold candle holder (I think it may have been a Parlane one) in the clearance section of a local garden centre and it provides such a beautiful glow when I light a tealight inside it.

This evening, try lighting some candles and turning all the lights off and enjoy!


These are some of my favourite ways to add a touch of luxury to everyday life that are so easy and super affordable. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make your day feel special and you deserve to have every day feel special and luxurious.

24 thoughts on “My favourite easy and affordable luxe rituals

  1. This is a wonderful post, I recently bought flowers on special occasions and found it really heart warming. Besides it creates a nice flatlay photos for instagram so it’s never a waste. I also light candles when there are visitors at home and it is quite indulgence and I like it. Awesome post you have!

  2. These are wonderfully accessible and beautiful suggestions; I especially like the idea of going OTT with candles, as well as bringing fresh bouquets of flowers into the home!

  3. Really such great tips! That’s how I feel about flowers and candles. A lovely bunch of roses don’t cost much and can make your home look beautiful.

  4. I LOVE this post Jenny – such great ideas!! I didn’t think about using a bottle stopper for Champagne / Prosecco ..definitely going to start doing that in future as I normally use a spoon which I don’t really think does anything. Candles and flowers are great ideas too! xx

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