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Dining room update: progress and new purchases

Dining room update

We’ve now been living in our current home for over 7 months. There are so many things still to do, but we’ve come a long way. My poor blog has suffered because of how busy we’ve been, but it’s been fun to have a new project to get my teeth stuck into. So far, I’ve shared with you our kitchen progress, although the kitchen has progressed much more since, and I also wrote a post showing how we transformed a cupboard into a closet in our master bedroom. Feeling spoilt for choice about what to share next, I thought I would do a dining room update, as you haven’t seen inside this room at all since we moved in. Plus it’s starting to look on the way to being finished.

We’ve made more updates to this room since I took these photos back in April, but it’s not too dissimilar. Whilst there are still more things to do to get it completely finished, it’s finally a really enjoyable place to sit and eat together.

When my parents very kindly offered their dining table and chairs to us because they no longer wanted them, I was over the moon. I’ve always loved this dining set, so I was thrilled to be able to have it in our own home.

The curtains were also gifted to us by my parents quite some time ago. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit the living room window and they’re a little short for this window; at least they don’t gather dust by sitting on the floor, I suppose.

As the floor is all laminate, we fancied purchasing a rug to bring a more homely feel to the room. As we have pets, we wanted something quite durable and not expensive either, in case it gets ruined. After plenty of searching, we found this rug from IKEA which is great value and flat-woven too, which makes it really easy to pull chairs across it – perfect for a dining room. It’s an in/outdoor rug, so it can also be used outdoors.


IKEA EKET cabinet next to chimney
IKEA EKET cabinet between chimney and wall

From the moment we moved into this house, I planned to put matching cabinets either side of the chimney breast. I’m a real fan of mixing traditional with modern and minimalism with more ornate pieces, so I felt that plain white wall-hung cabinets would be perfect in contrast with the decorative table and chairs. Each space on either side of the chimney isn’t the same size, which made finding the perfect cabinets extra challenging. Paying someone to create bespoke units would be a wonderful idea, but I didn’t want to splurge on this if I could find something for a much better price.

The EKET cabinet from IKEA provided to be exactly what I had been looking for. Great value, white, able to be wall-hung, plus they had a sizing option that fit like a dream, especially in the smaller space on the left. The absolute perfect size, although trying to assemble the cabinet so that it just squeezed in wasn’t quite as easy as we’d hoped!

As our kitchen doesn’t have a huge amount of cupboard space, it’s ideal to have some extra storage like this in the dining room. I’ve yet to decide what to place above each cabinet – I’m thinking either matching artwork or mirrors (I’ll then replace the mirror on the other wall with something else).

I’ve since changed the ornaments on these cabinets, but the lamp is still there. I found the chrome and marble lamp completely by chance a few months ago for a ridiculous price in a big clearance sale at Homebase. As it was the only one they had left and it was something like £5, I picked it up straight away.

Dining room update

I know many people dislike having a TV in the dining room, but we love having the option to be able to watch TV in here as well as the living room. Dan mounted the TV on the wall and we used trunking to hide the cables. We’ve got a bigger TV to put up, so that’s another job to be done at some point.

One of my favourite things in this room has to be the artichoke ornament on the windowsill. I spotted it in Next when I was looking for bits and pieces for the house before we moved in and my Mum very kindly got it for me for my birthday.

So, next on the list for this room is to paint all of the walls and skirting boards. We still haven’t settled on paint colours for anywhere in the house, so that’s something we need to figure out at some point. It’s a big decision, so we need to make sure we’re happy with what we choose.

Finding new lighting is also something I’m keen to do within the next few months. You can’t see the ceiling light in these photos but it’s really old-fashioned, as are 2 matching wall lights on the wall I stood in front of to take these photos. There’s quite a bit of empty space in front of that wall too, so we might look for a narrow console or wall-hung unit. Whatever we put there needs to be very narrow because whilst it’s not a tiny space, it’s the main walkway into the kitchen, so I want it to be easy to walk between the rooms.

Ideally, I’d love to change the flooring, but that’s a project for the distant future. We’ve got enough to keep ourselves busy with for now!

It’s so exciting seeing all of the changes happening throughout the house. I can’t wait to share with you the progress we’ve made in the other rooms and in the garden too.


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  • Reply
    Zamaie Chinye
    4th July 2018 at 07:51

    Your dining room looks lovely, Jenny!

  • Reply
    5th July 2018 at 19:03

    Welcome back to blogging, Jenny! It seems like you’ve been so busy with your new home and I must say that it is looking gorgeous! How lovely of your parents to gift the dining table and chairs to you, there a really lovely addition to the room! The matching cabinets keep everything looking so clean and tidy as well, your mix of traditional and modern in your decor works brilliantly! Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the house is progressing!

    Abbey xx

    • Reply
      2nd August 2018 at 15:00

      Thank you so much Abbey! It’s been lovely to get back to writing and creating again. You’re so kind – it’s been so exciting seeing everything starting to come together xx

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