My 2016 highlights and what they’ve taught me

I can’t believe that 2016 is coming to a close already – where on earth has the time gone? It really does feel like every year goes faster and faster. I remember when I was a child thinking that a year took a really long time to go by, but as an adult, the opposite […]

How to juggle everything and still have time for yourself

I lead a very busy life, as do many people. I have to juggle so many different things every day, and it can be hard to remember everything that needs doing and all the deadlines I have to meet. Dan works full time, I work part time for several clients and we also run a […]

I’m having a present ban this Christmas. Here’s why you should too.

I really enjoy buying gifts for others for Christmas and of course I also love to receive them – who doesn’t! Like I do every Christmas, I will put time and care into browsing for gorgeous gifts I think my close friends and family will be thrilled to open on Christmas Day. However, I believe that […]

The best birthday food

For the evening of my birthday, Dan and I decided to go for a meal together, just the 2 of us. You can read about what we got up to for the rest of my birthday here. We chose to visit The Orange Tree Bar and Grill in Newcastle-under-Lyme. It’s always a popular restaurant and we […]

Birthday traditions

I still can’t believe yet another birthday has been and gone. It feels like hardly any time at all since my birthday the year before – where is the time going? It really does seem to be true that the older you get, the faster time appears to go. Dan and I have developed a […]

How to organise recipes the easy way

I used to keep recipes that I had taken out of magazines/leaflets in a ringbinder folder. I also had several cookery books, where I would turn the top corners over for the recipes I was interested in cooking. In addition, I would have recipes that I had saved from the internet stored on my laptop. […]

A Cheshire birthday

It was my husband’s birthday this week and so we decided to have a day out. Our first stop was Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, where we wandered around the shops and popped into Pret a Manger for some lunch. We also travelled to the next-door Coliseum Shopping Park, only to find that most of the […]

How to organise birthday gift giving

I love shopping for birthday presents for my friends and family. (Apart from my Dad and Father-in-Law, who are just SO hard to buy for! My Father-in-Law doesn’t drink alcohol either, which makes it even worse!) Anyway, I digress.     Tip 1: Present ban   As much as I enjoy browsing shops for gifts, […]

The method that promises you will never have to declutter again

I had never heard of Marie Kondo until I happened to come across a mention of the KonMari method when looking for something completely irrelevant on the internet. I literally stumbled across it by pure chance and I’m so glad I did.    At first, when I was looking into who she was and what […]