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  • LuxeStyle Loves 18.09.2017

    LuxeStyle Loves 18.09.2017

    Well this week has been such a busy one. I’ve been working away at my new freelance work, dealing with appointments and admin for our house sale, never mind trying to…

  • LuxeStyle Loves 11.09.2017

    LuxeStyle Loves 11.09.2017

    I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon, knowing we’ve got roast beef for dinner and I can’t wait! Because of the warm weather, we haven’t had a full-on roast dinner for ages.…

  • LuxeStyle Loves 04.09.2017

    LuxeStyle Loves 04.09.2017

    Well, we’re working our way through September aren’t we! You can certainly tell Autumn is well on it’s way now. I think the heating will have to go on soon, as…

  • 1 year blog birthday

    1 year blog birthday

    I can’t believe I’ve reached my 1 year blog birthday already. I’ve now been blogging for over a year. Actually, make that well over a year. Possibly 2 years in fact.…

  • LuxeStyle Loves 28.08.2017

    LuxeStyle Loves 28.08.2017

    I feel like this week marks something of a real change. We’ve gone from a Monday full of blue skies and hot weather, to a cold drizzly Sunday. From wearing a…

  • Luxe letter August 2017

    Luxe Letter August 2017

    To you, my beautiful reader, my luxe letter August 2017. August – the final month of summer. The last month of sunshine, warm weather and blue skies. Or maybe not quite…

  • LuxeStyle Loves 21.08.2017

    LuxeStyle Loves 21.08.2017

    So apologies that this post is going up later than planned. Sunday was a super busy day because we had the first viewing on our home (eek!), plus we were trying…

  • LuxeStyle Loves 14.08.2017

    LuxeStyle Loves 14.08.2017

    Well this week has been a complete whirlwind! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week? Let’s see what I’ve been loving this week.   Being excited to move home After…