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Bathroom progress after getting the keys to our first home

I’m so excited to share my bathroom progress with you. When we got the keys to our first home a few years ago, the bathroom was in need of a total re-fit. Let me remind you of how grim it was!

Our first home. Bathroom before

Similarly to every other room in our house at the time, there wasn’t a single thing in the bathroom that didn’t need replacing. From the tiles to the toilet, the bath to the flooring, it all needed to go. And not forgetting of course that completely pointless air freshener!

Whether looking at the green bathroom suite or the sticky floor, we didn’t feel that we could improve anything without getting rid of it all and starting again.

We also didn’t feel that the layout worked. The shower was on the wall over the middle of the bath, which you can see picking out from behind the door. Behind the door was the sink. We wanted to switch the bath and the sink positions. It made more sense to have the sink next to the window and the shower mounted on the wall next to the door, over the bath taps.

Not a day too soon, we made a start on our bathroom progress.

Bathroom progress

Ripping everything out, we were eventually left with just the shell of the room. Fortunately, our plumber was able to switch the position of the sink and bath as we had hoped.

Here is the bathroom when we finally finished decorating. (Although it’s changed a great deal more since these photos)

Bathroom progress

With a little help and guidance from my Dad, Dan tiled the bathroom. He got really good at it and tiled our kitchen too.

We painted the remainder of the wall space with magnolia paint. Because the bathroom is very small, we felt that painting it a neutral colour would help to make the space feel bigger and brighter. Check out the other tips I’ve found work well to help to make a small space feel bigger.

Moving the position of the bath also helped to open up the room and increase how spacious it felt. This also allowed us to have a shower screen, rather than a shower curtain around the middle of the bath.

We really wanted to tile the floor, but we were struggling so much for time with everything else that needed doing in the house. My Dad found some laminate flooring that was super cheap in a sale, so we used that to make do for a while.

Everything in the bathroom was brand new, apart from the cream bowl on the windowsill. A Laura Ashley gift from a family friend, I thought it would look nice as a container for cotton wool.

Bathroom progress Laura Ashley cream bowl

Bathroom progress

I spotted the soap dispenser in a sale at B&Q. Being cream, I thought it went well with the bowl on the windowsill.

The Max Benjamin Dodici diffuser* was a gift from my parents and it smells lovely. It lasted for a long time too.

As previously mentioned, we have since updated the bathroom a great deal since I took these photos. To be honest though, I was just so glad to get rid of that awful toilet!

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