A not-so budget stay in Lille

Dan and I decided to do a little road-trip around northern France. We love nothing more than spending our holidays lounging on sun beds, eating ice cream, soaking up the sun and cooling off in a beautiful blue pool. However, for our latest holiday we fancied doing something different; soaking up the culture and beauty of France and getting out and about in various towns.

Our first stop was Lille. We wanted to have some budget stays on our trip, so we decided to stay at the Mercure Lille Metropole Hotel for a couple of nights. A good base to see the city, around a ten minute drive away from Lille, meaning quiet evenings for a great night’s sleep and great value for money due to not being in the centre of town.

Front of Mercure Lille Metropole

With it’s greenery outside and modern lobby and rooms, the hotel hardly felt like a budget option.

Mercure Lille Metropole

Mercure Lille Metropole lobby decor

The rooms have been recently refurbished, with lovely bright colours creating a welcoming vibe. The artistic headboard really stands out as being something unique that gives the room a distinctive modern edge.

Mercure Lille Metropole bedroom

Mercure Lille Metropole headboard

With free car parking, air conditioning, minibar and more, the hotel proved to be great value for money.

Mercure Lille Metropole bedroom

After a long day of travelling and visiting Lille, we decided to have a couple of drinks in the hotel bar and then have dinner in the restaurant.

Mercure Lille Metropole restaurant

Dan and I both opted for bagel cheeseburgers, which arrived served with super cute newspaper-style lined baskets of french fries, and all of the food was delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I couldn’t resist having a few mouthfuls before taking photographs!

Mercure Lille Metropole bagel cheeseburger

Mercure Lille Metropole french fries and bagel cheeseburger

We were very disappointed to be too full to try dessert, but we knew that we would be eating enough bread and cakes for the rest of our holiday to make up for it!

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